Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets –

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets  –

Sunday October 8th at 1:15 pm

harryIs there something buried deep down in the chamber of your soul, that needs to be explored and released?  This is what the second movie in the Harry Potter Series is about. In our journey into the Spiritual Dimension this is something we need to explore, and release any monsters we might have hiding there! Yep! There is something in the Harry Potter tales for everyone; especially for those who know that they are on a spiritual journey.  In general, the Harry Potter books and movies tell the tales of two types of people: Those who possess the gift of magic, and Muggles -- that is, those who don’t want to know anything about it.  In metaphysical terms the Harry Potter tales are about those who are developing an awareness that they are spiritual beings and therefore possess special gifts of Spirit, as compared to those who sleepwalk through life, unaware of Spirit’s Presence.  Which are you?


Seen through metaphysical eyes, the tales of Harry Potter point the ways that we might develop and use our gifts of Spirit so that we might step into the realm of the mystical life.  The 2nd movie of the series, subtitled the Chamber of Secrets is about how we gain access to our personal Chamber of Secrets that is buried deep within the shadow side of our minds, so that we might confront the shadowy figures of our past and set ourselves free from them.  How can we do this?  Well, you have to come and watch the movie to see!!