The Temple Beautiful

The Temple Beautiful

By Clara Palmer


Your body is a temple beautiful. It is the living temple of God. Every cell in your body should be radiant with light, love, and peace. When it is, you enjoy the perfect health that is God’s will for you. The very joy of living animates you. You radiate the spirit of wholeness to others.


When any part of your body is out of harmony, uncomfortable, or diseased, you can bless it with a living word of Truth and it will respond.


Frequently the question is asked, “Should I hold a thought for entire wholeness or should I direct my attention to the seat of pain or disease?” There can be but one answer. You should direct your attention Godward ever seeking to know and maintain your perfect unity with Him.


However, if your experience happens to be the same as mine has been, you will find it helpful to take the word of affirmation or prayer that God will supply you with—either through direct inspiration in your own mind and heart or through the written or spoken word of others—and speak it in direct blessing to the part of your body that appears to be in the shadow of pain, disease, or weakness.


I like to think of faith as a flaming torch, and use it, if need be, just as I might use a flashlight to locate the switch that will turn on the efficient and penetrating gleam of a more powerful light.


My faith directs me to God for healing. As soon as I contact Him in spirit my mind is filled with light, even as the darkened room is flooded with light when I press the button that my flashlight reveals.


I do not condemn a room for being dark. I praise God for the convenience of electricity whereby I may instantly produce light. Neither do I condemn any portion of my body or of any other person’s body when it needs healing. I take my torch of faith that lights my way to God. By His loving help and power I turn on the healing light of Spirit. If need be, I go with the light of His grace to every function in the body and speak the word of love and blessing.


There are many who respond at once to a thought of complete and perfect wholeness. There are others whose body cells are not so quick to respond. They seem to need specific, patient, and loving blessing. Doubt and fear or disbelief may extinguish the light so that it is necessary to turn it on more than once.


Such an occurrence need be no cause for discouragement. Rather it is a call to more valiant endeavor. When faithful, persistent effort is required and maintained, it is a means of growth toward the stature of the perfect God-image. Through faithfulness the character is molded. It becomes stabilized in Truth. The results may not be spectacular, but they are lasting and comforting. They build one up in confidence. They restore the soul as well as the body. They establish one in the consciousness of abiding health and eternal life.


Before you take up a healing blessing, it is well when possible, to be quiet. Subject your thoughts to the love, faith, and peace of God. His faith, which is ever active in you, effaces all anxiety. His love dissolves all fear or inharmony. His peace allays pain, relaxes every nerve, tendon, and muscle. Thus His healing life is permitted to flow freely through you. His life is the light of man. “Let there be light.”


            Unity School of Christianity

            Unity Village, Missouri