Youth & Family Ministry

Our Youth & Family Ministry Program
We believe all children are born in original virtue. We see our children as sacred, and we are committed to teaching our children and youth Unity’s spiritual principles. 
As a spiritual center our purpose is to help shape and nourish the Spirit within a child, so they can remember more fully the truth of who they are. 

We do this by offering our children and youth Sunday classroom experiences that include song, prayer, stories, and creative arts.  

 Just as it says in the book of Genesis, “created in the image and likeness of God (Gen. 1:27).” 
When you first look into a baby’s eyes, do you not see the purity and love of the Creator shining back at you? Children are such a marvel; and we behold all children as whole and perfect expressions of God.   Consequently we believe that all the knowledge we will ever need is already within us, and it is simply a matter of drawing that knowledge out through spiritual insight, rather than trying to fill a child’s head with a lot of information.
Through the use of Unity Principles and the Living Curriculum we empower each child to live more fully, more effectively and more aware of God’s kingdom of Good, honoring their own Spiritual potential. We teach our children how to pray, meditate, and to follow their inner guidance. We provide a safe, fun environment where children can experience the loving Presence of God, creating a solid spiritual foundation for their life.
Uni-Tots (0-4)
Babies are beautiful reminders of God’s love and light. They teach us through their unfettered innocence by truly being who they are, beloved children of God. Caring for our babies is a joy and blessing.
Uni-Kids (5–10)
Uni-kids are a fun age group (ages 5 to 10) ready and willing to learn and grow through song, story, and play. Help us continue to support our Uni-kids by providing a positive, playful environment.
Uni-Teens (11-13)
Our Uni-teens are filled with enthusiasm for living an abundant joy filled life. Join us as we teach them the basic Unity principles and how they apply in everyday life. 
Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.) (14 – 18)
Our Y.O.U.’ers are young adults quickly approaching adulthood. The Y.O.U. actively lead their youth group with the support of adult sponsors. Adult sponsors provide supervision, guidance, and act as positive role models.