Sacred Service Opportunities

Sacred Service Opportunities

In Unity we believe being of loving service is a sacred pathway to experiencing Spirit’s Presence; and being of Sacred Service is essential to one’s spiritual growth. We believe being of service creates an opening for us to realize the Christ presence within ourselves and others.

I invite you to look at the opportunities we offer to be of Sacred Service, not only as a way of supporting the ministry, but more as an opportunity to create heaven on earth, here now. As a spiritual community, we are participants in creation. Let us create an atmosphere that fosters loving support and fellowship while providing the opportunity to experience an ever-increasing expression of God in our community and within our selves.

Being of loving service comes with it’s own perks, such as:

  • Insight into developing our natural gifts and talents.
  • Heightens our awareness of spiritual principle.
  • Empowers nurturing relationships.
  • Giving from love always raises consciousness.
  • Helps us remember who we are, expressions of God/Co-Creators.

Our Spiritual community has said “Yes” to creating a field of love and the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to express Itself through us. Our intention is to maintain a safe, empowering place for people to remember and experience the truth of who they have come here to be through sacred service and education.

Rev. Patrick would love to talk with you about one of the many opportunities we have to be of Sacred Service.

Our Sacred Love In Action Opportunities

BOOKSTORE -- Team members are familiar with the inventory, handle sales, help with administrative duties, and keep the bookstore area orderly.

BUILDING AND GROUNDS -- is responsible for seeing to the maintenance of the building interior and exterior, and grounds. The team will do what is feasible for them and make recommendations to the Board regarding jobs that are beyond their ability.

CARING MINISTRY TEAM -- This team is involved with visiting, calling, and assisting members of our congregation who are in a hospital or nursing home or who may be confined to their home. Birthday, get well, sympathy, or thank you cards are sent to members as the occasion arises.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH -- A newly formed team that will design outreach programs that serve both our internal and external communities.

FLORAL CARE -- This team makes our church an attractive and inviting place to worship and socialize. This includes creating and changing the floral arrangements, plus watering and nurturing our live indoor plants.

FUN – RAISING -- has a two-prong mission: to sponsor activities that are fun and raise money. The church sponsors fun activities to create a sense of family and fellowship, at the same time raising funds to meet the financial obligations of the church community.

HOSPITALITY TEAM -- Members of this team share in the host function and help create a loving and friendly atmosphere at the church during all church events. Sunday social hour/potlucks, kitchen food prep, as well as, supervising clean up, and recruiting members as needed to help.

MUSIC MINISTRY TEAM -- Music celebrates and uplifts, creates meditative space, and soothes the soul. Music deepens the overall experience of any service, class, or event. This team has many ways to be of service.

NEWSLETTER TEAM -- provides articles, editing, printing, folding, and mailing support for the monthly newsletter. Pick one or two areas to serve.

POWERPOINT PLUS TEAM -- runs the laptop computer during service. Members usually serve one Sunday a month.

PRAYER CHAPLAIN TEAM -- we are committed to reaching out in prayer, comfort, and support to our congregation in person & on the phone. Special training required.

SPECIAL EVENTS -- This team is responsible for advertising and organizing “events” at the church. They also book reservations for overnight speakers, arrange transportation, and do whatever is necessary to make our special event guests feel welcome.

SPIRITUAL EDUCATION and ENRICHMENT MINISTRY (S.E.E.) Adult Education Team focuses on sharing Unity’s transformational teachings.

SILENT PRAYER SUPPORT -- Special team that receives the prayers that are put in the prayer box and holds them for their highest & best good.

TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT -- this is a newly forming team that will help with our Web Design and provide computer assistance.

TRANSFORMATION Experience Teams - If you would like to be part of one of these teams, please see Rev. Yvonne. Leadership Team, Story Crafters, Key Intention Design Team, Community Coordinator.

USHERS & GREETERS TEAM -- enjoys meeting new people. They warmly greet all who come to our spiritual community, hand out bulletins, and assist in collecting the love offering.

WELCOMING TEAM -- welcomes new people to the church, chats with the visitor, how did they found out about our church, invites them to stay for lunch, introduces the visitor to someone else, etc.

UNITY HEALING HANDS TEAM -- provides healing opportunities for Unity Spiritual Life Center, Oklahoma City, and the community. Special training required

YOUTH AND FAMILY MINISTRY -- This teams goal is to teach our youngest members the fundamentals of Unity at a level that they can understand. Special training required. We have 4 age groups: Nursery (0-4), Unikids (5-10), Uniteens (11-13) and Y.O.U. (14-18)