Thoughts from the book Jesus Christ Heals


I praise and give thanks the strength and power of Spirit now restores me to harmony and health.


"Always praise the cooking of the cook" is the instruction of the veteran hobo to the novice.  Experience has taught the gentlemen of the road that praise and thanks melt the hardest heart and often open the door to amazing hospitality.  Tradespeople have found that "Thank you" has commercial value.


Metaphysicians have discovered that words which express thanks, gratitude, and praise release mind energy of mind and Soul; and their use is usually followed by effects so pronounced that they are quickly identified with the words that provoke them.


Let your words of praise and thanksgiving be to Spirit, and the increase will be even greater than when they are addressed to man.  The resources of Spirit are beyond the highest flight of imagination.  You can praise a weak body into strength, a fearful heart into peace and trust, shattered nerves into poise and power.


I Am Thankful for the Christ life now apparent in my mind and body.


It is an easy matter to give thanks for what we have already received, but it is not so easy to give thanks for what we like to receive.  However, giving thanks in advance brings to pass a our expectation.  Remember what Jesus said about one's mental attitude in demonstrating spirituality: "All things, whatsoever you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive."  This may be rephrased: Pray believing you have received, and you shall receive.


Christians who have discovered the hidden laws of mind make it a practice to give thanks for health, for peace of mind, for all things that they desire, believing that God has given in Spirit that which is to appear in the visible.


Daily I say I am thankful for the radiant Life and Health of Spirit constantly restoring me to perfection of body.


Praising and giving thanks liberates the finer essence of soul and body when we center our attention upon Spirit, upon the Sacred Breath of Life.  Spirit is the dynamic force that releases the pent-up energies within us.  The energies have been imprisoned in the cells, and when released are activated in the body by the chemistry of the Logos.   Every thought we loose carries with it a certain substance, life, and intelligence.  So, we might call our thoughts our "thought people."  Whenever praise is bestowed on these thought people, is carried to every part of the body and through the ether into our soul’s aura, and our whole consciousness and everything about us is tinctured with praise.  Thus we prove what Jesus proclaimed, that seek first the Kingdom of God, and It’s harmony and balance all these thing will come to you.