Cultivating The Spirit of Happy Reactions

Cultivating The Spirit of Happy Reactions

By Schulyer E. Cronley


                  The law of Mind Action is a prerogative of God. It is the “God said” in Genesis and the expressed “Word” of the Gospel of John. Man, the “Word of God made flesh” is the result of the Word, the “God said”, or that which comes back as the manifestation of God-Mind action. Man therefore is reaction, the manifestation of notion of the Principle.

         In the beginning, when God created man in His Image and Likeness; action and reaction, the reaction was perfect, even as the Father-action was perfect. God in His great love, however, not being an arbitrary God, allowed one thing to enter which in itself was also perfect, but through the use of which, man has caused to appear in his world, imperfection. This thing which God gave was man’s free-will. The channel through which he, man, could choose to be that “Whatsoever he saith.”

         Through the channel of the free-will of man, man himself has built up within his consciousness, from his choice of the “path of experience”, a belief in false values which are the perversion of the Truth colored by man’s will. Thus by contaminating the pure stream of life which was in the beginning, the reaction has also been contaminated and imperfect results – disease, sickness, lack and death – have resulted.

          All this must be changed, and the power of the “path of experience” must be nullified by choosing again the path of all life, the Way and the Truth, Jesus Christ, the Principle of all attainment. By tacking this Principle of Jesus Christ, or any other Principle of Truth which may seem more applicable to our individual need, we may again establish ourselves in the Truth by calling forth the Divine Action of God Mind, the Source of all reaction (man), and thus cultivated and develop in our consciousness a new set of reactions to things that we will be in accordance with the Principle of the Action.


Man’s reaction to every situation is governed by his experience. If his experience has been of a spiritual nature, the reaction will take the form and shape of a spiritual manifestation and the primal objective of the purpose of man’s creation will have been fulfilled; the bringing forth of God in the earth. Happy (blessed) are ye if ye know these things, but happier (more blessed) still if ye do them