What Did Jesus Teach?

Unity is an alternative Christian perspective; a perspective that is based on the teachings of Jesus the Christ. Invariably the question comes up…
What did Jesus teach?
Much of what has been taught about Jesus is not really topics that Jesus shared much information about. The Gospels never mentioned that Jesus ever baptized anyone; never mentioned that he taught the concept of Holy Communion as a scared ritual; never mentioned that he taught anything about sexuality; never mentioned that he taught about the Ten Commandments (he said two were important); never mentioned that he taught the concept of hell that we have today or taught that heaven was an after life location or that it was somewhere out beyond the skies, and never taught the concept of Original Sin, nor did he speak of man’s fall from God’s Grace.
Jesus taught ten, maybe twelve basic concepts, depending on the way you count them.
Jesus taught about The Kingdom of Heaven and how we can get there: -- One of Jesus’ primary message was about the Kingdom of Heaven. As Jesus began his ministry he declared that the time was fulfilled, the kingdom of God is at hand, and then went on to describe where it was and how to find it. Jesus mentioned the Kingdom of Heaven well over 200 times. Heaven is a very interesting word; however, the meaning of the word Jesus used in these statements is quite different than the prevalent concept of heaven today. The root of the Aramaic word Heaven means - the ever-expanding creative potential of life; the energy and light that forms the universe; perhaps it could more simply be said the expanding creative potential of the universal force of life. In a variety of parables Jesus explains how to find this kingdom of ever-expanding creative possibilities. Wouldn’t you like to be able to find this kingdom of God?
Jesus Also Shared About
  • His Unique Concept of God – Jesus said, God is Spirit, He described God as “The Father Within,” a loving and Ever-present counsel. He said, “I and the Father are One,” “You and I are One” – “The Father who dwells in me does this work.”  
  • The Nature and Power of Prayer - Jesus said, “Go Into Your Inner Room and Shut the Door” &“Do not pray on street corners, so that others can hear…”
  • The Inner Light & The Son of Man - “You are the Light of the World …allow your light to shine!” “The light will make what is hidden clear.”
  •  “Faith” & the power of our attitude – He said, “Your Faith has made you whole,” “If you have Faith the size of a mustard seed,” “According to your Belief”… & He taught the “Be-attitudes.”
  • The One and the Greatest Commandment – Love – Need I say more!
  • The Art of Forgiveness & It’s Amazing Grace           The story of the prodigal son and others
  • The concept of Righteousness?   Or should I say – right thinking,
  • Non-Judgment, Nonresistance, Detachment & Release --The Parables of the Rich Man & Young Man & The Parable of the Woman caught in adultery & the Pharisees in the Temple.
  • The Laws of Abundance – “I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.”
  • -- and the way of Over-coming obstacles through surrendering to a Higher Power
  • -- and the Coming of the Comforter and the awakening of the twelve powers
How did Jesus share his teachings?   Precepts, Parables, Healings, Miracles & by His Example
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