Laying Hold of Life Eternal”

Laying Hold of Life Eternal”

By Schulyer E. Cronley


In the beginning the eternal God, That which was, Is, and ever shall be, created man in His Image and Likeness. Into the nostrils of man, He breathed the breath of life and man became a living body and soul expressing that which its Creator was. It is therefore evident that if God lives eternally, the evidence of which we can not dispute, then man, the creation and highest manifestation of this Eternal God has within him also the endowment of the Father – Eternal Life.

This is the Truth we know, but so far in our living, there has been a tendency on the part of man to separate himself from this eternal Source until, in accordance with the law of Mind Action functioning in free-will, man has cut himself off from the Source of all life. This is the error that must be overcome before man can enter into the fullness of the life which is his in Christ Jesus – God manifest. Jesus Christ said, “I have come that ye might have life and have it more abundantly.” He was the Great Wayshower, the only begotten Son of God. In Spirit and Truth, we are all Sons of God not yet “begotten”, or made manifest in expression all that the Son of God is.

In Truth there is no time. There is no “time was” nor is there a “time will be”. There is only NOW, for everything that God created is present now. The life of man is no exception to this. There, therefore, is no age, for age is not of God, but of man – and expression of the mortal mind in its attempt to classify and justify itself, but the law of God, the Law of Divine Mind action is that man lives by what he is willing to accept in Mind and that which he “ponders in his heart”, and the law is that even the will of God, the omniscient Good can not supercede this free-will of man until man himself so directs it. In this consciousness of error then, man has set his own law and the cessation of life in the body is not the will of God, but the result of sin. Not the penalty for sin.

What man has done once, man can do again when he works in accordance with the Principles of his being and life. Jesus, the Christed man, God manifest, was a man, and yet God and He promised man that, “These things that I do shall ye also do, and even greater things than these shall ye do.” He resurrected His own body. He called forth Lazarus (the young man in Himself) from the grave. He so filled His body with the spiritual energy of God-life that He was literally transfigured before some of His disciples. Jesus Christ demonstrated the Life Principle in the body and took the body with Him. This is the work that we as Unity teachers, healers and leaders are to accomplish for ourselves and then go forth into the highways and the byways and preach and teach the Gospel.