A Love Offering

A Love Offering

If you enjoy this web site, and are inspired by the work we do, please consider sharing a love Offering with us.


A Love Offering is a term that you will frequently hear at our Spiritual Life Center. The vast majority of events and activities that are held here at our Spiritual Life Center are presented on a “Love-Offering Basis.” Considering the size of our spiritual community we truly have some awe-inspiring events.  When some compare the activities we sponsor and the quality of speakers and musicians we have to similar speakers and musicians and the fees charged at other locations, they are very puzzled.  Especially when they know the cost of bringing them to Oklahoma City.

When we pass “the love-offering baskets” at an event we ask you to consider how the message stirs in your heart and moves your soul.  For we know that as we give to what spiritually feeds us, it creates a ripple that goes out into the universe blessing the world around and forming a vacuum that draws more goodness and abundance into your life.  As we give out of the goodness of our heart and soul, so shall we received that goodness pressed down, shaken to together and over flowing.

So when you come to a workshop and your filled with joy and wonder that you want so shout, because it was filled with such power, we would ask you to give from that place of wonder and marvel.  So when we pass the “Love Offering baskets” at an event we ask you to consider if the message has meaning for your life, and if it does, to allow the sense of gratitude to stir in every cell of your being; letting the joy and gratitude to overflow, and then give from that place of joy and thanksgiving.  What price would you put on it, if you would be able to put just one idea, one discipline, to use in your life to overcome one challeng?  $100? $500?  $1000? Perhaps the inspiration would be priceless. The information shared at our services, workshop and classes, have the potential to transform the way you see the world and the way you show up in it. Well we ask that you give from a place that you are spiritually blessed and that you can afford, knowing that as you give you create a ripple, even a wave, that will come back overflowing in every area of your life.

The idea of Love-Offerings has deep roots in Unity. Charles and Myrtle Fillmore pretty much insisted on it as the way to do their work.  They believed that giving a Love Offering to what spiritually fed them was an acknowledgement of God’s Love and Abundance, which was part of their experience. The sharing of “a love offering” was part of their overall prosperity program. It acknowledged the Divine Flow moving through their life as health, love, and financial abundance by giving a portion of their income to the spiritual practices and programs that inspired their minds and moved their souls (Many organizations call this tithing.)    

In Unity, we believe that God’s Sacred Life is ever-present, that we are immersed in an Invisible Matrix of Life and Substance.  It surrounds and enfolds us each moment of each day, just as fish are immersed in the ocean.   The way we realize and experience this Divine Matrix is to open ourselves to Its flow, by sharing out of our abundance.  To realize that God’s Sacred Energy moves through us with each breath we take, we must exhale.  If we try to hold on to that sacred breath and possess it, we will suffocate. We must exhale to receive our next breath; it is a simple (yet unconscious) acknowledgement of Life itself.

Likewise, to experience God’s Love and Abundant Life in any area of our life we must exhale: we must give out of the Divine flow that we are experiencing  - spiritually, mentally and physically. It is simply the law of life. In this physical reality, if we are to continue the flow of electricity in our homes, or a flow of food into our cabinets, we must give out of the abundance we have, so that we can live in harmony with the world around us.

Spiritually, it is the same: in order to experience God’s Sacred Life and realize the spiritual nourishment we seek, we must open ourselves up, and share of the Goodness flowing through our life by giving to what spiritually feeds us. It is simply an acknowledgement of the Divine Flow always moving throughout our being and drawing more into our life.  If we try to hold on tightly to blessings moving through our life and possess every ounce, we will suffocate and restrict the flow of good. To experience God’s Sacred Life we must exhale to receive the next breath; it is a simple (yet unconscious) acknowledgement of Life itself.

Just as the Fillmore’s made it a practice to give to what spiritually feeds and nourishes, we invite others to experience the wonder of sharing a love offering to what spiritually feeds them. By acknowledging God’s Love and Abundance in this way, it opens the portals of the heart and mind to experience a greater good. So next time we pause to take a Love – Offering, consider how the service, workshop, or class inspires your mind and moves your soul, and share from the abundance in your life.  Consider what it costs to go to the movie, or out to dinner, or other wonders you experience in the physical, and ask yourselves if the benefits you received from the activities exceed those physical pleasures. Then go to that place of remembering that Spirit moving in you and must be released to be realized. “Divine love, flowing through me, blesses and multiples all that I have, all that I give, and all that I receive, and I am richly blessed, creating a greater and greater flow.”

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