About USLC

Hello my friend,

We are glad you found us today. We know something is stirring within your soul that caused you to stretch beyond the realm of what you have known. We say, “Welcome home!” Whether your soul’s journey causes you to be with us for a day, or a lifetime, we celebrate your finding us and spending time with us to contemplate the deeper aspects of being.

We have individuals from many different walks of life. People, like you, who were searching for something to nourish their soul and satisfy their heart’s longing. We believe this occurs as we develop a deeper and fuller understanding of God. These individuals found a home here, because Unity Spiritual Life Center is dedicated to empowering personal transformation and because we embrace similar teachings of Truth around the world. Indeed many people remark on how we are a unique blending of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, although we are based on the teachings of Jesus, the Christ. We believe Jesus was a master teacher of all the spiritual traditions of his time, and blended them together into his own powerful message . 

 Unity’s philosophy about God and life makes this a very special place. Unity’s teachings show us how to open our awareness to God’s presence, bringing a loving, caring God to life, and how to apply the teachings of Jesus Christ in practical, positive and successful ways. We seek to know and understand the "Truth that will set us free" rather than follow a rigid dogma. Unity is a way of life, not just a religion. We invite you to join us in the spiritual adventure known as Unity and we we will welcome into our new Living Room For the Soul. We transformed our sanctuary when challenged by a 22 year old about how we might move from a very traditional sanctuary into a room that embraces the uniqueness of our message and the power of our very transformational message.