“ The Irresistible Power of Love” By Schulyer E. Cronley

“ The Irresistible Power of Love”
By Schulyer E. Cronley


Love is that great irresistible and undefinable motivating force in which the universe is immersed and bathed.  Love is that which moves God, for God is love.  Nothing can stand in its way nor oppose it for long for it is at one and the same time, the irresistible forces and the immovable object. Through the love of love, or God, if you please, are all things attained from the glory of he high calling of God in Jesus the Christ to the supply of the most trivial need of manifest man.

From the 13th Chapter of letter of Paul to the Corinthians comes to us the most explainable account of what love is.  To us from the life of Jesus the Christ comes the most understandable example of the livability and power of love in the life of man.  From these examples, we come to know that love is that which gives and receives.  Love receives from God and gives to man, the Son of God, all that he will accept.

From the mortal standpoint, love, the Mother-God Principle expresses itself in its highest and best in the motherhood of woman, and it is from this expression of God’s love through man that man judges the contents and composition of love.  While this expression of love is not the complete thing that it is in creation, it still bears the irresistible power of accomplishment and does that which is seemingly superhuman.  We know that as God is only good, so love is only good. There is no bad love, only the unbalanced love. Love, therefore, is expressed by man in degrees, according to his understanding and ability to use his understanding in appropriating it.

Love, just as other qualities of God, man in his ignorance, tries to counterfeit.  This is the “heights of hypocrisy” and man comes to recognize that it is, as Mrs. Rowland calls it, only your own “manufactured article.”  True love, whether it be the highest of God or the degree expression of man, is something that we do not obtain in any way.  It lies only in our own consciousness and must be attained through our seeking from the Source and putting forth the effort that which we already have.  

Love brings only that which is good and satisfies the soul.  This is the test of any degree of love.  We find that the “manufactured article” does not accomplish.  It is only in the Real Love, and “Real” here means God, that there is the irresistible power of love and faith, and Paul tells us that the Greatest of these is love.

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