Living Substance

Living Substance


You are unified with the one living substance, God all-sufficient. From the substance of God you were created. In the substance of God you live. By the substance of God you are fed and clothed and prospered.


God substance does not fluctuate with market conditions. It does not decrease in times of unemployment. It cannot be hoarded by one person to cause a deficiency in the supply of another, neither is it doled out in skimpy portions.


Your God is a munificent God. Your Father has bestowed on you the gift of living substance; for you are the love and the rich substance of God made manifest. Therefore your supply is a living thing. It is not composed of inanimate accumulations: of bread that does not satisfy; of water that fails to quench the thirst; or earnings that can be withdrawn, or that prove inadequate; of fortunes that can be lost or depleted.


You are unified with the one living substance, God all-sufficient. God feeds you with living bread that satisfies. He gives you drink from the well of living water, that your thirst may be forever allayed. He enriches your earnings with the heavenly coin of divine love, that you may have plenty and enough to spare.


Too long have we thought of the world’s finances as something infested by greed and diseased by “graft” and avarice. Too long have we dissociated the thoughts of commerce and of spirituality. The time has arrived when everyone who believes in God or Truth or Jesus Christ should acquaint himself with the never failing principle of divine substance, and see this substance freely flowing through all avenues.


God substance is a living principle; it works as perfectly and as accurately as the laws of mathematics. Even as God is absolute good and permeates your life, so God substance is absolute, free from limit, restriction, or qualification, and you are unified with this substance. Man cannot be separated from his supply any more than life can be separated from its Source.


When the principle of substance is known and used there will be no lack. The substance of love will equalize world finances, and there will not be millions of bushels of surplus wheat in some places and thousands of famine-imperiled people in other places. Neither will there be parallel manifestations of inequality of supply; for God will be known as the substance of all His people.


The substance of faith will stabilize values, and establish a new understanding among men. Fortunes will not assume gigantic proportions one day and dwindle to nothing the next day; for man will not fear the integrity of his neighbor, nor will he tr to take his neighbor’s resources from him.


The substance of wisdom will divinely adjust the affairs of nations. Peace and fellowship will rest over all.


When will this good appear? Just as soon as you use your faith to call it forth in your own life and affairs. “Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump?” So a life that bears witness to the substance of God quickens the prosperity of a whole community.


You are unified with the one living substance, God all-sufficient. Your sustenance is assured. Wherever you are, whatever your need may be, you can always use and prove this fact. If your thoughts are confused and a bit bewildered concerning ways and means to meet present demands, be still and know: I am unified with the one living substance, God all-sufficient. This opens the door of your mind to an inflow of rich, useful, substance-filled, God ideas. As they come to you, use them. Do not hesitate and wonder if they will work. Use them! They will prove most valuable to you.


God has blessed your finances. Do not hesitate to do likewise yourself. If your money is low or your purse is empty, take it in your hands and say: You are unified with the one living substance. If your larder is depleted say to it, believing: You are unified with the one living substance.


As you buy or prepare the provisions for your meals bless the food with the thought of living substance. As you put on your garments know that you are being clothed with the rich substance of God. Speak the words to your hands. See them filled to overflowing with gifts of God—faith, love, service. Bless your feet and know that they are directed in prosperous pathways.


 Bless the stock market. Does that shock you a bit? Then there is all the more need why you should bless it freely and unselfishly. Should you have any investments there, free your thought of fear or longing concerning them. Look upon them as merely the outer symbol of an inner substance, and thank God for His omnipresent substance now interpenetrating and blessing the affairs of mankind. Do not center your thought upon yourself, your gains, or your losses, but seek to realize the universal blessing of the one living substance. Say to all financial marts: “You are unified with the one living substance.” The more conscious you grow of God substance as permeating, equalizing, and purifying world commerce, the richer will be the blessing and the common good of all.


God has blessed you with a rich and lasting inheritance of spiritual wealth. God is the source of a mighty stream of living substance which finds its outlet through you and your world. Avail yourself now of the prosperity that is yours in Truth.


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