Prayer Chaplain Corner

Prayer Chaplain Corner

Prayer.  What is it?  What does it do?  What is the purpose of prayer?  These are age-old questions with SO many different answers.  Every religion has its own method of prayer, which differ widely.  Unity has a special format for prayer, and our Prayer Chaplains find it very helpful to us this format.  It gives credence to the prayer process and helps us understand just what we are praying for and how we are to do it. The actual purpose of prayer is to get to know The Presence that is God, then opening ourselves up to It.


A Prayer Chaplain has a strong belief in the power of prayer, in the God that is everywhere, in every breath we breathe.  The Unity format has a strong, proven record of positivity.  We pray to be with God, to immerse ourselves in the Godliness of the Universe.  We don’t ask for things.


Long ago, when I was learning to pray, I stated I didn’t need any THING.  My teacher said, “Just ask for a broom.”  I did but there was no power behind it.  The book, The Secret, is full of ways to ask for things.  I have a hard time with that.  It works much better to ask for action or attunement.  Being one with all things is a wonderful way of life. 


Most Unity prayers are in five categories.  Prosperity, Healing, Inner Peace, Harmony, and Divine Order. Sub Categories may be for comfort and inspiration.  My personal prayer for safety comes just as I am about to enter the highway, and I ask for safety, speed, plenty of space to merge, and excellent driving for myself and all those around me. 


Some prayers are for one’s self, others are for family or friends who request help.  Prayers from Prayer Chaplains come mostly in the last category.  Everyone is in need of prayer at some times in their lives.  The Prayer Chaplains’ goals are to discover the core of their needs and to pray from there.  The “client” may not know exactly what to pray for to get what they need, but the PC is trained to discover the essence of the need and address it.