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Prayer Chaplain Corner                                                                                        

Greetings from your Prayer Chaplain Team.


Namaste and happy, happy gratitude month my friends! Throughout the year and especially during Thanksgiving I always remember the day Eric Butterworth told us this, “Gratitude is a causative force for good in the universe.”


Carrying this as a motto helps us navigate life in a very positive way. Recalling the true essence of thankfulness, appreciation, and gratitude can help us experience more joy, greater freedom, a higher level of compassion and a stronger sense of generosity. The good news is that just a small shift in our outlook from lack to appreciation brings so much more good into our lives. 


When we can relax into an attitude of appreciation just a little, we make room for our good to flow in. Otherwise, we have blocked the flow of good with our stiffness and narrowness of lack. It is helpful, if you are not able to find appreciation in a particular area of your life, to find gratitude for other things until the area of restriction begins to soften. So, go ahead, be grateful this month! Sing out your song loud and clear, that you appreciate life to the fullest, even on hard days. Sing out your gratitude for the smallest things and watch large things come to you. Shout your good to the world and watch your good multiply! 


I will end with a quote by one of my favorite teachers, Dr Michael Beckwith..."At some point you have to own up to how great you are, how beautiful you are, how much inner dignity and potential you have. Drop complaining about what other people didn't give you or do for you, or how they mistreated you. Take repossession of your Self and rise to the level of greatness that has been yours all along"




Unity Prayer Chaplain Team


Rene Holubec

Unity Prayer Chaplain Team

Ever Thought about Being the Way of Love,


By becoming a Prayer Chaplain and opening your heart to allow the voice of the Divine to flow through you out to others.  Have you ever thought about being a conduit of the Healing Force of the universe allowing the Living Waters to wash over your being and flow out to others? To learn more about being a Prayer Chaplain and allowing the healing Presence to flow through you and out to others, speak to Rene Holubec or RevDoc Patrick about what you might need to do and when the next training will be.


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A Christmas Blessing

From Schuyler Cronley – Notes of a Skylark


C hrist is the head of your life.              B lest be the tie that binds us

H eavenly joy for the season.                L ove and light the freeing bond

R iches more abundantly measured.     E ternal truth the blessed evidence

I nfinitely more than man’s reason.      S ecuring the promised beyond

S inging “Joy to the World” and           S ing out your praises, declare

T o All Whom You Meet                      I n faith, I no longer fear

M ay Your blessings be many              N ow through Christ I’m Reborn

A nd your joy, full, complete                G odlike – His Image My Mirror

S ecurely enfolded in him                      S o be your heart’s desire.