Prayer Chaplain Corner

Prayer Chaplain Corner                                                                                          Greetings from your Prayer Chaplain Team.


What do you think of first when you hear the word Muslim or the word Islam? Is it prayer? Probably not. I recently watched a lecture on YouTube titled, “Understanding Islam with George Gorayeb” that not only gave me great respect for Muslim prayer practice, but also opened my mind to a better understanding of the Islamic faith and its practitioners, known as Muslims.


I learned that prayer is extremely important to Muslims. The devout pray five times per day, every day. The prayer times are:  before dawn, midday, mid-afternoon, sunset, and in the evening just before going to sleep. When it is time to pray, everything comes to a full stop for 10 minutes. Considering that 24% of the world population is Muslim, and that there are Muslims living in every time zone, you can imagine that every hour there is this cosmic wave of prayer spinning around the planet as fast as the world turns. That’s pretty cool!


By taking regular breaks all day long to pray, Muslims are constantly reminding themselves of their relationship with God and affirming their close connection to God. That’s what prayer does, and you don’t have to be a Muslim to reap the benefits.



Rene Holubec

Unity Prayer Chaplain Team

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What Do You Have To Lose? Notes from a Skylark


A short time ago in our newspapers, there was the story of a young woman who was told that, if after being hypnotized, she could arise from her chair and walk over to a small table and pick up a large sum of money lying there, she could have the money for her own. She was not able to do this, and of course she did not receive the money. Someone asked her how it felt to lose such a large sum of money, to which she replied, “It was not mine to lose!”


This is an old principle of Truth, but it bears much repetition and re-emphasis in our daily living. Nothing is really man’s in this world to lose, but he has everything to gain, provided he seeks such things for the purpose of using them with the knowledge that they are not his to lose and that his acquirement of them is not his gain, but God’s, who gave them. Even man’s life is not his to lose – that’s the reason Jesus Christ tried so hard to get man to do the things with his life and his body that would honor God and preserve life.