Prayer Chaplain Corner

Prayer Chaplain Corner                                                                                                                                                             

Greetings from your Prayer Chaplain Team.

Prayer Chaplains play a visible role in our spiritual community by praying with congregants after Sunday service. We also work behind the scenes making monthly prayer calls to the many members who have requested this service. We are very careful to keep all prayer requests strictly confidential. That’s why I have changed all the names in the sweet story I am about to share (except for my dearly departed dog, Happy, who deserves some of the credit).

Some time ago I was completing my prayer call assignments when Joy’s name came up. I always look forward to praying with her because she is such a sweetheart. This time, though, I had a strange prompting to set her prayer sheet aside and call back later. Hmmm…

The next person on my phone list was Cherie, who happens to be Joy’s good friend. “Oh, Rene, I’m glad you called,” she said. “Today is a very sad day.” She informed me that Joy’s dog, Skippy, had been sick for quite a while and Joy was taking him to the vet that afternoon to be euthanized. We prayed together for Joy and Skippy.

Now I knew that it was time to call Joy and I thanked the Universe for the guidance. I rang her up and when she answered, she told me that I had perfect timing (Yay God!). She proceeded to confirm everything Cherie had said and, of course, we prayed for Skippy.

Once we release the prayer to God the call is usually done. This time, I believe to help process her grief, Joy began asking me questions. She wanted to know if I had a dog. I began telling her about my dog, Happy, who also had to be euthanized for medical issues.

Happy was a Greyhound that we rescued from a race track in Colorado. Greyhounds have a reputation as 30-mile-per-hour couch potatoes. When indoors, they lounge and nap all day. When outdoors, they love to run. Happy, in particular, loved to run in the snow. At the time, we lived in Utah where the snow is fluffy and plentiful. I swear, that dog would smile from ear-to-ear as she bounded through the snow.

Fast-forward ten years. Happy has passed on and we are now living in Tulsa, OK, which hosts an annual Spirit Fair. My daughter and I decided to attend. The headline event was a lady who was a reputed medium. We were surprised when we walked in early to the conference room where she was presenting and discovered it was already standing-room only. By the end of her presentation, we understood why.

Everyone in the audience was given a slip of paper on which they could write a message or a question for a soul who is no longer with us. The papers were folded and collected in a big bag. The medium, who was blindfolded, would reach into the bag and bring out a handful of the papers. She would rifle through the folded papers, bringing them up close to her face or body until she found one that she sensed had a soul present. She would then commune with the soul and translate out loud what she was inwardly seeing, hearing, or feeling. Based on what she said, an audience member would recognize she had selected their paper and speak up. Then the medium would give that person the message from the departed one.

“I am sensing a dog who is very happy. She is dancing in snow,” said the medium. My daughter and I both jumped up and exclaimed, “That’s our dog! Her name is Happy!”. Happy’s message was that she was in a better place, that she was okay, and that we were going to be okay, too.

“Oh, Rene, that’s exactly what I needed to hear,” sighed Joy at the conclusion of my story. Whether or not you believe in mediums and their ability to talk to the dead is irrelevant. The lesson from this story is that the Universe brings you what you need when you need it. My daughter and I got peace and closure for the loss of our dog. Joy got comfort knowing that Skippy was going to a better place. I got confirmation that I am an effective Prayer Chaplain.

We Prayer Chaplains are blessed by the opportunity to play a part in your spiritual journey. Please join us for prayer after Sunday service in the lobby prayer chairs. Also, if you are not currently receiving monthly prayer calls and would like to be added to the list, give your contact information to any Prayer Chaplain. The Universe is calling…


In Service,

Rene Holubec, Unity Prayer Chaplain Team