Prayer Chaplain Corner

Prayer Chaplain Corner

Greetings from your Prayer Chaplain Team


Sometimes the Universe gives me a little nudge to remind me how far I have progressed on my spiritual journey. I experienced one of those nudges early this spring. It started one night with a severe thunderstorm rolling over Norman. The BOOM of a very close lightning strike shocked me out of slumber. Once my heart stopped pounding, I was able to fall back asleep and forgot about it until a couple weeks later when I discovered where the lightning bolt hit. I was jogging through my neighborhood, turned into a cul-de-sac, and was stunned to see the remnants of a house that had nearly burned to the ground. The black-charred collapsed roof revealed the ferocity of the fire and made me catch my breath. Then, reflexively, I began to pray. I affirmed that the owners of the house were safe and were being Divinely guided to recover from the destruction of their home.


That was the nudge! In the face of devastation my gut reaction was to turn to God. Serving as a Unity Prayer Chaplain has shown me the power of prayer to consciously and instantly connect with the Divine. It has increased my faith and spirituality exponentially.


Prayer can be used as a tool to deepen your faith. To quote Mark, my fellow Prayer Chaplain, “The more you pray, the more you know.” If you’d like to add more prayer to your spiritual life, consider becoming a Prayer Chaplain. You can speak with me, Mark, or Dana to learn more about it.



Rene Holubec

Unity Prayer Chaplain Team




A Poem by Schuyler Cronley

Christ of Galilee


In the ever-radiating Presence of a power I cannot see;

I can feel the Christly essence of the man of Galilee.


His cloak is ‘round about me, his words clearly in my ears;

No longer do I fear the tempest, nor the passing of the years.

The loving truth he taught me will forever be my guide;

I shall no longer stumble upon the path at eventide.


For the ever-radiating presence of this power I cannot see;

Holds me safely and securely, O blessed Christ of Galilee.



Notes From a Skylark, By Schuyler Cronley

Who Do You Think You Are?


Many people have asked this question of one another a great many times and received many varied answers. If you want a real “Stumper” answer to this question the next time someone asks it of you, you could say, “I am a son of God” – Of course, there is only one catch to that, and that is that you have to live and act like one to prove it.


What Do You Have To Lose?


A short time ago in our newspapers, there was the story of a young woman who was told that, if after being hypnotized, she could arise from her chair and walk over to a small table and pick up a large sum of money lying there, she could have the money for her own. She was not able to do this, and of course she did not receive the money. Someone asked her how it felt to lose such a large sum of money, to which she replied, “It was not mine to lose!”


This is an old principle of Truth, but it bears much repetition and re-emphasis in our daily living. Nothing is really man’s in this world to lose, but he has everything to gain, provided he seeks such things for the purpose of using them with the knowledge that they are not his to lose and that his acquirement of them is not his gain, but God’s, who gave them. Even man’s life is not his to lose – that’s the reason Jesus Christ tried so hard to get man to do the things with his life and his body that would honor God and preserve life.


Will You join Us In A Time of Prayer? Visioning A World Filled with Peace and Love and Goodness!

 June 31st  at 12:45 pm

Ever Thought about Being the Way of Love,


By becoming a Prayer Chaplain and opening your heart to allow the voice of the Divine to flow through you out to others.  Have you ever thought about being a conduit of the Healing Force of the universe allowing the Living Waters to wash over your being and flow out to others? To learn more about being a Prayer Chaplain and allowing the healing Presence to flow through you and out to others, speak to Rene Holubec or RevDoc Patrick about what you might need to do and when the next training will be.

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