Miracle Before Your Eyes Purchase Information

Purchase Information

The Miracle Before Your Eyes is published by
Friesen Press and is now available online at




The soft Cover of The Miracle Before Your Eyes

Is now available in tangible in Oklahoma City

at Full Circle Bookstore

and the Unity Spiritual Life Center Bookstore

Please go and encourage your favorite bookstore to order this book! Do me and the world a favor by helping get the message out that you are, and they are radiant beings of Light.

Retail the book is $15.95 for softcover, $29.95 for hardcover and $2.99 for the two primary ebook formats (kindle and …)

Please Talk to your Local Bookstore about stocking this soul moving book. Several people told they could stop reading it and read it two days!

Visualize it being appearing at 

Barnes and Noble

It is available wholesale for Bookstores and churches through Ingram books or through Rev. Patrick. You can Email at
unityslc@msn.com with any questions