Sip The Living Waters

Sip the Living Waters – Please Spread the Word

I will be facilitating two SEE Classes this semester! On Monday nights, beginning January 20th  I will be leading Overview: Hebrew Scriptures SCS 100 Hybrid Section 01 Winter 2020, which as it sounds is an overview of the first section of the Bible.  When seen through a Unity Lens it is a fascinating tale of our Spiritual Journey.  If you understand the Bible from a Metaphysical point of view, oh my God, it truly could make a difference in your life. It tells the tale of the Spiritual Journey we have all embarked, don't you think you should know what you are in for! Join us for a very different, uplifting inspiring time.

The Second class I am facilating is titled Unity Prayer, which is about the foundations of Unity very Powerful Prayer Process.  Yes I Am, We are powerful creative spiritual beings and it’s time we recall our creative power, through our thoughts, Words and Action.  Unity’s Online SEE Classes will begin the week of January 20, 2020.  My Unity Prayer Collaborate sessions will be on Tuesday nights at 7 pm central time (yes I am centered In God’s Goodness and Wonder), and begins January 21st 2020  and will last 6 weeks. For more information this link will tell you all about Unity Worldwide’s new program.

and this link will take you to the class I will be facilitating titlde Unity Prayer.  click

Please, please, please pass this information on to people you might know and might be interested in Unity’s Educational Programs.  Especially if you would like to step into next dimension of awareness, leaving all the craziness of the mortal mind beyond. The time is now, to Sip the Living Waters.


Namaste – I see the Light and wonder in You!

Rev. Doc. Patrick