One Plus One Equals One

One Plus One Equals One


The title of this pamphlet is not a refutation of a mathematical law, but a statement of the eternal Truth of Being declared by Jesus Christ.


You will recall the beautiful passage in the 10th chapter of John, which reports the discourse of Jesus at the Feast of Dedication at Jerusalem, and which He concluded with the words, “I and the Father are one.”


As further assurance of the oneness of all men with God, the 17th chapter of John contains the prayer of Jesus for His disciples: “And for their sake I consecrate myself, that they also may be consecrated in truth. I do not pray for these only, but also for those who are to believe in me through their word, that they may be one; even as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be in us.”


This was Jesus’ way of emphasizing the truth that we are created in the image and likeness of God, that in Him we verily live, move, and have our being. We cannot do anything of ourselves, but the Spirit of God in us can do all things. He is the breath of every life, the pulse of every heartbeat, the inspiration of every mind, the light of every soul.


God and you are one! His indwelling presence is the inner strength you need, the health of your body, the light of your mind, the source of uplifting, prospering ideas. As you faithfully meditate upon His presence in you, your limited ideas of His life, wisdom, power, and supply will take on new dimensions and grow until you know Him as your all-sufficiency in all things.


If you look at your life and affairs and wonder how you can do all that needs to be done, your first step is to become still and realize your oneness with God. As you work in the knowledge that God is working in you and through you, all your activities will fall into a pattern of divine order and balance. Yo0u will have time and energy for all your tasks and your achievements will be easy and rewarding.


In every decision you have to make, God-Mind in you is certain to inspire you to make the choice that will be right for you and any others concerned. Turn unreservedly to His presence in you, dear friend, and trust Him to light your way with understanding, good judgment, and loving action. Because you are one with Him, you are free to express your divine self, to do as your Christ nature directs.


The paths upon which you set your feet are holy and righteous paths because you walk in His way. Your hands perform only good and helpful deeds because they are an extension of God’s hands. Your loving heart tells you that God is in all persons everywhere, so you are led to forgive completely any offense on the part of another, to recognize and bless the presence of God that indwells every child of His.


God and you are one! James Dillet Freeman expresses the idea of oneness so simply and tellingly in the following passage from Daily Word: “Many of us talk about spirit, mind, and body as if these were three separate things. They are not three things, but three ways of looking at one. When we start thinking of our body as less than spiritual and of our spirit as less than physical, we divide ourselves into fragments and turn ourselves into splinter people. . . . If we would start thinking about our body as if it were mind and our mind as if it were body, and both as if they were spirit, we would go far toward making ourselves at one with ourselves and with God.”


It was this kind of oneness that Jesus meant when He said, “he who has seen me has seen the Father.” He is constantly trying to show us how to be at one with God, to know Him forever as the creative principle of goodness, the intelligence of our minds, the health of our bodies, the harmony of our relationships, the prosperity and success of our business. Jesus Christ is our spiritual mentor in prayer, for He shows us how we can turn daily to the presence of our indwelling Lord, and there find His instantaneous response to all our needs.


If it is healing we needs, the current of God-life flows freely and joyously through our bodies, to cleanse, renew, and fill every part of us with vigor and perfection. Should we need guidance, His light sheds its radiance into our minds, and we know unerringly what to do. Any misunderstanding or inharmony in our personal relationships is dissolved and reconciled by the power of His forgiving love abiding in our hearts. All thoughts of lack and failure are banished as we trust in His unfailing, infinitely abundant substance to supply our daily needs.


God and you are one! “There is one body and one Spirit . . . one God and Father of us all, who is above all and through all and in all.”


One plus one does equal one, when One is God and one is you. God and you are eternally one through the presence of Christ in you.


Unity School of Christianity

Unity Village, Missouri