Stephen Hawking and The Theory of Everything

Stephen Hawking  and The Theory of Everything

Sunday January 16th  at 1:15 pm


 Stephen Hawking was a legendary scientist who had a very unique concept of how the universe working. Trying to unify Einstein’s theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, he sought to provide a single explanation of how the universe worked on multiple layers of our physical and spiritual plans of existence. Taking this unique idea of our quantum reality, we might find a starting place on how we create a universe of our choosing, by influencing the photons and neutron with the energy of our thoughts.  His theories are mind blowing and are actually very similar to the way Unity sees the spiritual dimension our reality works. Little was expected from Stephen Hawking, a bright but lazy student of cosmology, when he was given just two years to live following the diagnosis of a fatal illness at 21 years of age. Then he experienced the power of quantum field of love and it changed everything. Stephen Hawking, who is a renown atheist, actually proves that God’s Existence. Amazing stuff! Join us for a very thought-provoking movie and perhaps a wonderful discussion of the reality of the universe, afterwards.