Help For You


Help For You
Your understanding of Truth helps you to claim the abundant good that God is giving you now.
“Happy is the man that findeth wisdom. And the man that getteth understanding. For the gaining of it is better than the gaining of silver, and the profit thereof than fine gold.”
Prayer is continuous in Silent Unity and has been for more than ninety years. Through all those years the reports of help received through prayer have continued to come.
When a person asks Silent Unity for spiritual help, the first prayer offered for him by the Silent Unity workers is an affirmation of light, a declaration that his understanding is quickened.
“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was waste and void.” All was darkness and chaos. And then, we are told, the Spirit of God moved upon the waters upon the waste and void. “And God said, Let there be light, and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good.”
Every prayer has its beginning in the activity of the Spirit of God within the mind and heart and soul of the one who is impelled to pray. Not infrequently a person has “tried everything under the sun” to get some help; then from deep within, the Spirit of God moves across the desolation of appearances, and from the heart arises a cry, a cry that is simultaneously answered by the inner wisdom of God: “Let there be light.”
In the first luminous words of the Scriptures, God Himself established the pattern of prayer. “Let there be light: and there was light.” In the light that followed His spoken word, God proceeded with the creation of a new world.
The pattern of effective prayer is changeless even as God is changeless. “Before they call, I will answer.” Before you call, the Spirit of God moves within you as the divine desire that rises to your lips in prayer, the desire that prompts you to request the prayers of Silent Unity, the desire that is in Truth the shaft of light, the new understanding, the spoken word of Truth that is the vehicle of answered prayer.
Light is the predecessor, the forerunner of answered prayer. The spoken word of Truth shines into the darkness making the darkness light. Therefore, the first prayer offered for you, the first affirmation spoken for you, is for light; and there is light. Countless letters have been received throughout the years that reveal how surely light has come to countless people, light that has enabled them to rise out of the darkness and chaos of adversity and misunderstanding and suffering of mind and body to come into the light of Truth, and in that light to create with God a new life, a new heaven, and a new earth.
Your understanding of Truth is quickened, and your mind and body respond with perfect health.
Your understanding of Truth helps you to claim the abundant supply that God is giving you now.
Understanding and practice of Truth make all the difference in the world between light and darkness, anxiety and peace of mind, sickness and health of body, failure and success, discord and harmony, want and abundance.
You who use your understanding of Truth become a light and a guide to others. In Truth you learn and love kindness, charity, patience. You learn to cooperate with others, joyously, willingly, understandingly, lovingly. You build a thought structure upon a strong foundation of faith, day by day claiming and using the abundant good that God is giving to you now.
Day by day God provides for you. Day by day He sustains you. Day by day you live to use, to share, and to enjoy the riches that are yours in Truth. You learn to cooperate with the all-providing law of God, the law of ever-increasing good.
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