Spiritual Education and Enrichment (S.E.E.) at USLC

In today’s cultural there are many enticing and engaging offering on the path leading to spiritual fulfillment and evolution, and because we want to get there fast there can be a tendency to jump from one path to another, to another and to another, never taking any one path to any depth. And there some way that lead to what Rev. Charles Neal referred to as seductive side roads where you become lost. I believe that spirituality is like an onion and you have to peal one away at a time until you can to the sweet and succulent center. This was The Way that Jesus taught of, a simple discipline that leads deeper and deeper. 
Unity offers such a path in its Spiritual Education and Enrichment Program (S.E.E). Most of the classes taught at Unity Spiritual Life Center are part of this program. You are welcome and encouraged to attend the Sunday Morning Enrichment Series or a Wednesday Night class and participate as much or as little as you like.  Our classes are deeply rewarding. Or you can take one of the classes and commitment yourself at a deeper level by taking the class for S.E.E. Credit
So I ask you
Is there a longing in your Soul?
Do you have longing in your soul, something stirring, telling you there is so much more to life than what you are experiencing? It’s true, there is much more than what you might perceive to be. It resides hidden right before your eyes. Long time Unity minister and author Imelda Shanklin writes in her book, What Are You:
Spiritually, what are you? You are a soul that has forgotten its divine identity, a soul now struggling to remember, in the midst of time and in the confusions of experiences, that you are the living offspring of the Living God.”
“Would you like to become acquainted with this living offspring of the Living God that is your truest Self? In a formal setting you might be asked ‘who are you?’ and you may answer, ‘I am Mary Brown, I am just a homemaker. Not True!!’ We will never know our true identity until we allow the mind of God to instruct us as to “who and what” we really are.”
Unity’s Spiritual Education and Enrichment Program (S.E.E) is a powerful, insightful spiritual discipline that transforms the way you see yourself and the world around you. It’s intent is to help you radically change the way you see from those first glimpses of the spiritual dimension to a profound experience of the invisible ethers that surround you.  
Perhaps you bulk at such a grand idea, as to walking in the footsteps of Jesus. But you can, why do we sometimes resist our own big ideas, especially the ones that could alter our reality and “make all things new.” This resistance usually comes when we want to initiate a new reality… while still operating from an old belief. 
Do you dare to go there?
As we explore at these deeper levels fear often rises up within us because, we these new ideas will take us to a place we have never been before, to the other side of the boundaries we have created in our own awareness. To move beyond our boundaries and really experience transformation we must open our “spiritual eyes.” As a Lakota medicine man once said: “What you see with your eyes shut is what counts!”
One thing in life is certain: everything changes! The world around us re-invents itself every day. So how would your life be different if you really knew that, as the co-creator of your experience, you are greater than any fleeting condition – that you are the master of your fate?
Unity S.E.E. program provides the opportunity and the tools to help us open our “Spiritual eyes.” The spiritual insight it shares is the basis that most of the modern day mystic have built their teachings. Like Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Greg Bradden and Echart Tolle you to can discover that you have a wonderful and resilient Creative Power within you. This Power can support you to adapt to the changes that will occur in your life.   Join us and discover the unlimited possibilities that exist in you!
The S.E.E. Curriculum
There are two separate tracks in the curriculum: 1) the Personal Development Program and 2) the Leadership Development Program. It is assumed that the students are adult learners and, therefore, are in charge of their own learning process. The emphasis in the class work is to inspire students to see themselves as unfolding spiritual beings and to encourage them to expand and deepen their consciousness. 
The Personal Development Program is the first portion of the program and includes areas of study in Biblical understanding and interpretation, metaphysical terms and concepts, prayer, and inter-departmental studies and skills. The curriculum offers a balanced exploration of each area. The format is designed to give the students an overview of the ideas and resources they may use for further study and development on their own. Students who are preparing for licensed teacher recognition must complete The Personal Development Program prior to beginning the Leadership Development Program. For information about the classes please consult Unity Institute’s website. www.unity.org
Leadership Development Program & Licensed Teacher Recognition
This program is designed for people whose primary interest for leadership is the Unity Ministry. Graduates of this program will receive licensed teacher recognition and will become specialized in one of the four areas: adult education, pastoral care, administration, or youth education. 
Candidates in the Leadership Development Program are to collaborate with their minister to design specialty courses and a practicum. When the student enrolls in this program they will declare the area of focus they are feeling called to service in. All required courses for this program must be taken at Unity school and only who have completed the personal Development program may attend Session C. The requirements for this program are outlined in the SEE manual.