Notes From A Skylark - Short Thoughts-Schuyler Cronley Co-founder of USLC

Short Thoughts-Schuyler Cronley Co-founder of USLC

There are adages and proverbs to the effect that “Silence is Golden,” “Silence is Power,” Etc., all of which are very true under certain conditions.  On the other had, we might be reminded that God broke His Silence with the Thunder of his work, “Let there Be…”, and the universe, the earth, vegetation, beast, and man come into livingness.  God Saw That It Was GOOD.   Let man break his silence in a like manner.

Many employers have asked me, “Do you have a high school education? A college education? Never in my life did anyone ask, “What sort of Spiritual Education do you have?

What is a Christian?
What is a Christian? The question that comes before, “Who is a Christian?” is, “What is a Christian?”  Once can find many definitions for this latter question, but the only satisfactory one will comes from one’s own heart.

Seeking the blessings of our Father God for personal and selfish reasons is like trying to eat a doughnut and save the hole.

Who Do You Think You Are?
Many people have asked this question of one another a great many times and received many varied answers. If you want a real “Stumper” answer to this question the next time someone asks it of you, you could say, “I am a son of God” – Of course, there is only one catch to that, and that is that you have to live and act like one to prove it.

Thoughts of  Schyuler Cronley

A Boat In The Basement

I guess everyone has heard of the fellow who built a boat in the basement and then couldn’t get it out. Sometimes Unity people find themselves in the same position with truth. For fear of what others might say, they build this beautiful truth, in a usable form, in their subconscious (basement), and then find that they can not get it out. A boat is useless without water and must be built upon the water. On the other hand, truth forms are useless away from their particular environment and their only environment is life itself. Life may be found in a “basement environment”, but you cant’ build a full sized boat there.

What’s Right With YOU?

So many times people ask the question, “What’s wrong with you?” Or, “What’s wrong with him?”  A question that, even though the questioner gets the right answer, nine times out of ten he doesn’t help either party very much.  We know too much of what is wrong, and not enough of what is right.  Next time you meet someone, ask them, “What’s right with you?” and insist on an answer. The answer you may get might be “nothing’s right, everything is wrong!”  Then is your chance to proclaim what is right!

In Spirit
We are always glad to have our friends and members with us “In Spirit”, but it’s rather difficult for the Spirit, without the body to give it a vehicle of expression, generally speaking, if the body isn’t there, the Spirit isn’t either. The Spirit can’t sing, it can’t pray, it can’t give an offering – at least out where mortals can witness it.

Sometimes people say, “ The Spirit hasn’t moved me to do that,” as yet, or, “The Spirit moved me to do that in that way.”  People forget that the Spirit doesn’t move or force, Spirit enlightens and reveals – its man’s individual will that has the authority to accept and reject.  Do no slander the Spirit.

A Question
Is your life now revolving around the truth you know and believe in?  Or are you picking that truth to pieces, trying to make it fit the patter of a kind of life you think you want?  Are you expecting someone to love you, or are you trying to love them?  Do you think you don’t deserve such a “RAW DEAL”, but, “That guy deserved everything he