The Ever-Present Bounty

The Ever-Present Bounty


God is your ever-present, evenly present bounty. There is no absence of God substance anywhere, nor is there any fluctuation in His manifest bounty.


You need no more question or doubt your supply than you would question or doubt that you are alive. Can life exist without substance? Could substance exist if there were no life? Life and substance are inseparable from God, inseparable from you, His offspring.


Your desire for health and prosperity is merely your human interpretation of God’s desire to find expression through you, to enrich you and beautify your environment.


Can you picture a God of love creating His children and then leaving them desolate? Can you imagine an all-loving Father creating a beautiful world and then saying to His children, “Thus far and no farther. You may have a very limited portion, just enough to exist but nothing more.”


Jesus Christ spoke not for Himself alone when He said, “All things whatsoever the Father hath are mine.” He never thought or spoke selfishly. Today His Spirit abiding in the midst of us makes the same claim, not for the aggrandizement of the personal man, but for the perpetuation of the kingdom of heavenly riches here on earth.


“All things whatsoever the Father hath.” Oh, that the debt-ridden world might lay hold of the riches of Truth! There are no debtors and no creditors in God’s kingdom. God is complete supply.


Unclaimed Wealth


Many people fail to demonstrate prosperity because they think of it as something that they themselves must demonstrate, and fail to realize that prosperity is not something that has to be demonstrated. It already is, just as irrevocably as God, the infinite resource, is.


God is your very being, your well-being, your prosperity. He is your unclaimed wealth. Be still and speak the name that signifies your divine identity, the name that is used carelessly dozens of times every day: “I AM.” Be still and realize what the name means to you. Speak it silently and audibly: “I AM.” Do you not see how impossible it is to separate yourself from it? The very words mean you, don’t they?


“Be still, and know that I am God.” You cannot separate the “IAM” from God, can you? You do not have to demonstrate God, for He is manifest in you, in your own very being. He is in your infinite resource, inseparable from you; with you wherever you are or whatever the circumstances as your ever-present and limitless supply.


“Fear not . . . for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”


When one has done everything possible in an outer way to demonstrate prosperity and the desired success does not come, it is wise to begin seeking within oneself for the consciousness of that which is the only true and lasting prosperity, the awareness of God.


The person who is firmly established in the knowledge that he is a child of God, who is conscious of his oneness with all the good in the universe, finds abundance for every need coming into visible manifestation, promptly and in order, without delay or confusion.


Seek diligently to develop a strong faith in God as your unfailing supply and support. Do not doubt, do not waver, do not puzzle how your good is to come to you. Do not limit its coming to any particular channel that may seem logical to you. Your loving Father has infinite ways and means of blessing you and He will do so when your mind is stayed on Him.


Open the way for God’s love to manifest its abundance in your life and affairs by freeing your mind of every thought of bitterness, selfishness, condemnation, and fear that might act as a barrier to your inflow of good. Having adjusted your own consciousness in harmony with God, turn the whole matter over to Him that He may do His part. Too many times God’s children fail to take this final step, to let go of the problem and lay hold of the Father’s infinite love, wisdom, life, joy, and substance.


Train your mind in love and confidence toward God. He is your real Father, your very present help. All fear will be dissolved from your life when you definitely surrender yourself and affairs, desires and problems, to God. Then as your hope is restored, your freedom gained, and your joy reborn, share every good that comes to you with others. Let the warm, prospering love of God find an outlet through your life and its activities, and know the continuous blessing of the King of Kings.


Do not think too much about what you want. Rather endeavor to realize what God wants. Thus shall your consciousness expand to let God in, and all that comes to you will be good, satisfying, and complete.


“Seek Ye First His Kingdom”


Man has been trained to look to the outer world for success, prosperity, healing, to seek to establish himself in worldly wisdom and riches rather than following the instruction of Jesus to seek the kingdom or dominion of God: “Seek ye first his kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”


The realization that God is infinite substance eliminates all desire or seeming need for excessive bank accounts as well as all fear of poverty. It frees the rich man from the burden and responsibility of vast possessions, and releases the poor man from the burden of poverty.


The bounty of God is all-inclusive. It is not confined to material things, no can it be measured in dollars and cents. Watch your thoughts therefore, and do not confuse the ever-present bounty of God with money or limit it to the getting of things.


Money of itself has no satisfying power. A miser with his heaps of gold is altogether poverty-stricken. Why? Because he knows comparatively nothing of the principle of supply. He has narrowed his vision and his consciousness to a paltry pile of yellow metal.


On the other hand Jesus Christ, who personally claimed no earthly possession, was so rich in consciousness that He could draw on the omnipresent substance of God, and feed and satisfy multitudes.


A man may rest for a time in the feeling of self-sufficiency that has been gained through the acquirement or inheritance of a large bank account, but unless his consciousness of God as his all-sufficiency has been quickened, his fortune avails him little or nothing in the way of peace, health, contentment, or real happiness.


Can the finite compass the infinite? Can the self-sufficiency of man that is built on earthly wisdom or fortune comprehend the all-sufficiency of God?


“It is easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” Before we understand that God is limitless, omnipresent substance, giving Himself freely and continuously to meet every demand, this saying of Jesus’ seems hard. However when we realize that the person who centers his faith and confidence in his personal fortune, deprives himself of the sweetness of consciously, momently drawing his supply from the infinite reservoir of God substance, we understand the loving purpose underlying the Savior’s words.


Jesus was endeavoring to help the rich young man to let go of the temporary fortune, the lesser things, that he might lay hold of the infinite substance, the eternal resources of God. He knew that rich and poor alike are wholly dependent on God, the Father.


The holy Christ Spirit, working today in the heart of humanity, does not direct man to use his spiritual light for the accumulation of outer things. Christ quickens the individual consciousness that is willing to learn of Him in the realization of the ever-present bounty of God.


Poverty and material riches are equally at variance with the divine law of supply. The rich man believes in excess; the poor man believes in lack. Both are in error. Both attribute to money the power to sustain them in happiness and well-being, thereby limiting themselves and their supply to a material standard.


The Truth-illumined man recognizes the infinite substance of God, and applies the principles of Truth to the bringing forth of that substance in rich blessings for all. He knows that nothing can deplete God substance. All that the Father has is given freely for man’s use. This knowledge banishes intricate human plans for compulsory division of the fortunes of the wealthy among the poor. It opens the kingdom of limitless substance to all.


The millions of the millionaire can in no way affect your supply of substance, lessen it by an iota, any more than the breath you draw can diminish the air that envelopes the earth. The divine law is: Receive freely; give freely. Keep up an active interchange between God and yourself, between yourself and your fellow man.


Everyone may have his needs supplied every day, without stress, if he will make a covenant with God to do His will and never doubt or question His abundant supply. It may be helpful to report our experience with this kind of demonstration. Over eighty years ago, the members of Unity Society made a covenant with God in silence; then they wrote it out and signed it. They agreed to devote their lives and everything they gained in temporal things to the use of God. They covenanted to work henceforth for God only, and in return they asked for supply and support, and agreed to look to God alone for these things, and never to doubt. To say that they have not had to overcome apparent lack at certain critical periods during these years would hardly be correct; yet they have not been defeated a single time. The world’s methods and the belief in lack in their own minds now and then dammed the free influx of supply; but by resolutely looking to God for their support, and by affirming and declaring it day and night they did demonstrate it.


The secret of success in demonstrating spiritually is this: Never doubt; never question. When things seem to be going wrong with us here, we get our people together and center our minds and thoughts upon the omnipresent God. We remain still before Him until we confidently, consciously know that He will help us. We deny every appearance of failure or opposition. We affirm all success, support, and supply, and then give thanks that they are now fulfilled in Spirit, in mind, and in the visible. We do this again and again, until we have the inward conviction that the law has been fulfilled. “Prove me now herewith, saith Jehovah.”


I do so long to be free from debt. Can you help me to help myself?


We commend you for your integrity of spirit, and we know that God is with you to help you gain you freedom from debt.


Fear not. God is the Spirit of wisdom, good judgment, efficiency, and order within you that will make it possible for you to meet your problem speedily, successfully, and harmoniously.


God has implanted within you the faith that lays hold of divine substance and brings it into manifestation, according to the need. Faith is the keynote that makes all things possible to you. Do not deny your faith or feel that it is insufficient. It is the wavering thought that turns to God in prayer and then turns away from Him in doubt and worry that delays the answer to prayer.


Be steadfast even though worry thoughts assail you. In time of extreme need they seem almost inevitable to the average person, but the work of Truth going forward in your consciousness enables you moment by moment to refute the worry thoughts, to build up a steady, strong, conscious faith that will remove mountains of debt or any other form of adversity.


Take some simple prayer, Bible verse, bit of poetry, or phrase that appeals to you, and use it again and again and again to offset every wavering doubt. It is only in our error thoughts that we are underlings.


In the first verse of the 23d Psalm we read, “Jehovah is my shepherd; I shall not want.” Probably it is very familiar to you. Begin now to live with the words, to let them live in you, and to prove them.


Jehovah is your shepherd. Unfailing guidance is implied in the word shepherd. It is true that He is with you this very moment, and according to your righteous desire. He is guiding you out of debt. Meet every insidious thought, such as “I can’t,” “I don’t know how,” “The way is so dark before me,” or “it is impossible,” with the declaration “Jehovah is my shepherd.” He is the way, the light, the power. I am free, free, free!


Are debts even now crowding in upon your thoughts? Let the love of God that animates your heart prompt you in the Truth of your being. “Jehovah is my shepherd; I shall not want.” In Him you cannot want for any good thing. His kingdom, His throne, His seat of authority are within you. Surrender your doubts and fears to God. Give Him full dominion in your life.


The way is open for you to pay your debts. Fear not, waver not, weep not. Follow the light that is flooding your soul, rest in the love that is enfolding you, use the new ideas that divine wisdom quickens in you.


Start this moment to pay your debts. Begin with a prayer to God and a sincere acceptance of your freedom in Truth. This is an important step in the right direction. God will unfailingly help you. Your funds may not appear in a lump sum, but as you watch and work and pray they will grow “here a little, there a little,” increasing more and more rapidly as you apply good judgment in handling your affairs. Debt is always vanquished when wisdom and good judgment are at the helm.


Avoid promiscuous borrowing. Let not yourself be tempted by easy-payment plans. No payments are easy when they drain your pay envelope before you receive it. Let not your pride inveigle you by the demand that you keep up a five-thousand-dollar appearance on a thousand-dollar salary. Let not your table be weighed down by an excess of rich foods.


There may be times when you will be tempted to let one bill remain unpaid while you further indulge in other things that you want.  Avoid this, dear friend, for it is thus that debt becomes a habit, a habit that will rob you of freedom, integrity, good repute, peace of mind, and prosperity. The Christ Mind in you is stronger than the “wanting mind” of the mortal, and He is with you to help you overcome debt.


Debt thoughtlessly or selfishly assumed is not in divine order. No one should incur an obligation unnecessarily unless he has good reason to believe that he will be prepared to meet his payments promptly and willingly. One who knows God as his resource does not plunge into debt.


As you accumulate the wherewithal to pay your debts, bless your creditors with thoughts of good will and abundance. They had faith in you when they permitted you to become their debtor. Keep your faith in them now, and include them in your prayer for increase. Debt is not God’s will for you. Begin to free yourself at once by doing all that it is possible for you to do with your present means, and as you proceed the way will open and the means will come to you to meet every obligation.


As you work toward your freedom you will find it helpful to pray frequently after this manner: Father, I thank Thee for Thy watchful care and guidance. I thank Thee for wisdom in handling my affairs. I thank Thee for order and efficiency in my daily undertakings. I thank Thee for leading me out of debt into the security of Thy Truth.


I urgently need money that is owed me. How can I solve this problem in accordance with Truth?


“Jehovah is a God of justice; blessed are all they that wait for him.”


You may safely rely on God to help you regulate your mind and affairs in keeping with Truth. He will map out the way by which you will receive what is due you, or its equivalent, and you will also richly bless your debtor.


Follow the admonition of the Savior “All things therefore whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, even so do ye also unto them.” He is with you now. Do you not feel the freeing power of His forgiving love? It is cleansing your mind from every harsh, embittered, fearful thought of doubt or uncertainty, freeing you from all thoughts of injustice and lack. Be still and confidently pray with the group of Silent Unity workers who are blessing you.


Remember that there are any number of ways in which the Father can bring your good to you. Do not restrict your capacity for receiving by the thought that your debtors are they only channel through which financial relief can come.


Your affairs are regulated and controlled by a law that is higher than that of man, namely the divine law that governs all in order and harmony. Place your finances under the justice and protection of this law. Lovingly cooperate with it and your need will be met without any necessity for resorting to outer courts.


Avoid any thought that your debtor is unwilling to pay you, or that he is unjust or dishonest. Such thoughts are unfair to him and to you. They close the door by which Truth can operate in your affairs.


Truth fulfills God’s law of love. Cultivate a genuine feeling of love and respect for those who owe you. Have faith in their integrity. Speak well of them always. Declare abundant supply for them as well as for yourself; in this way you will help them to prosper, and they will be able to pay you. Pray and work for their good as well as your own.


Your debt to your debtor is to love him; his debt to you is to love you. When you have helped him through love to pay his love debt, you have opened the way for a divine adjustment to be made and his financial debts to be paid.


I have exhausted my own life and resources in order to share with others. Why does not the law of giving and receiving work for me?


“Freely ye received, freely give,” taught the Master. Frequently we lose sight of the necessity of receiving our spiritual substance from God hour by hour through close communion with Him. WE look away from Him to the immediate needs, desires, and demands of those who seek our aid. Instead of leading them to the understanding of God as their supply and releasing them into the Father’s care, or accompanying our outer assistance with the strong spiritual realization that God is giving through us, we go to our pocketbooks as the medium of supply. Of course we feel depleted.


Evidently you have given more attention to the law of giving in a personal way than to the law of receiving spiritually from your Father-God. Again, It may be that you have thought so much about the law working for you that you have lost sight of God as your limitless resource. If you will keep your attention fixed on Him as your all-sufficiency, you will find that the law works without your thinking so tensely about it.


It is entirely possible to do too much for others. By giving to them so many of the things that they should know the joy of earning for themselves you are robbing them of their God-given right to be independent and self-supporting.


Self-sacrifice that denies good judgment is not virtue, it is dissipation of spiritual substance. It is not wise beyond a certain point to deny yourself any part of the fruits of your own industry. It is not wise, nor is it kind, to make others dependent on you by teaching, encouraging, or permitting them to draw their sustenance from you instead of going direct to God, the fountainhead of all supply.


A gift with mental reservations is not a gift. There is no promise of increase unless we give, letting go freely, entirely, and recognizing the universal scope of the divine law. This is just as true of what we do for others as it is of what we give to them, because under the law serving others is included in giving.


The same door by which you open up the treasures of your heart to others is the selfsame door by which God’s good flows in to you. All that you have ever given came from Him. All that you expect in return comes from Him. Look wholly to God, then, for your recompense. Look also to Him for help for those who appeal to you, and you and those whom you would assist will enter into a new consciousness of prosperity that will open numberless doors of blessing to you.


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