The Power of the Month is Zeal


The Power of the Month is Zeal

The Disciple - Simon Zealot

Color – Orange  & Location – the top of the neck


Zeal must be yoked with humility.

W. Cave


Zeal is a burning fire that ignites the soul. It is a source for inspiration. Untempered, zeal can burn out of control. The Christ mind tempers our actions. Through this spiritual force, we connect with the Divine and focus our zeal into laser-like point and use it for our higher power.


For many months, I’ve lacked the gumption to do much writing. By the grace of Spirit, I’ve written these articles. My zeal was not tempered with the Christ mind. Now, it is.


When you open your mind to the Christ mind, you realize a deeper sense of being. The Divine washes over you and you become one with the Universe. That burning zeal releases you to be your best self.


Zeal is a powerful force. It channels inspiration from the Divine to mortal man. This power empowers us to become greater than ourselves.


When you feel like the present world might overwhelm you, or that your zeal isn’t going anywhere; turn on the mind of Christ and take it to the next level. You are mighty. You are great. You can do all things through the Christ mind which strengthens you.


By Bryan Carlile


Affirm these statements every morning!!!

Affirmations For Zeal

I am charged with the energy and Zeal for life.

I am sizzling with Zeal and enthusiasm, as Divine wisdom guides me!

Zeal renews me in this moment now and

 I am Divine Life in Action, Yea God!



Fron Notes by a Skylark, by Schuyler Cronley


Have you ever shared the remark, “Oh, be your natural self”, or, “He’ll do that naturally” Or someone answers the question, “Do you believe in God?” with the reply, “Naturally”! What do we mean by “Nature” and “Naturally”?  Do we mean when we refer to nature, and naturally, that the spirit of God is the animating force of man’s being? If we do, then let us be careful what we attach the nature of God to. It is not natural for man to be sick, to die, to lack, to hate, if he is truly natural from the standpoint of his basic, God-created naturalness. From this standpoint, also, Jesus Christ was the most natural man we’ve ever known and to the extent that we miss the mark of his standard, we are to that degree, unnatural. Unity is a natural aspiration, and as a natural religion, it has helped many people to be “natural” again.