The Power of the month is Zeal

  The Power of the Month is Zeal

The Disciple - Simon Zealot
Color – Orange  & Location – the top of the neck

What is Zeal?  Isn’t that when the children are filled with energy and bouncing off the walls, or that neighbor down the street who has just discovered a great truth and is out to make sure everyone else discovers it too – including you? Yes, that is Zeal, but it is Zeal malfunctioning: it is Zeal let loose without Wisdom.  Zeal without Wisdom consumes us and robs our energies.

Zeal is tremendously powerful, for it is God manifesting as energy and we are a vehicles through which God manifests that energy. Close your eyes, still yourself, enter the Presence and think about what it means to  be filled with the raw energy of God filling you right now! See if you don’t start to feel the energy moving within you … That movement happens because you feel awe, wonder, or amazement that such power should be within you.  That awe or wonder is a form of praise and it is praise that sets Zeal into motion.

Do not be dismayed if you didn’t feel anything.  That can happen to any of us at one time or another.  Divine Zeal is always present because God is always present.  Sometimes we simply must look deeper for it.  It will come forth as enthusiasm or it will come welling up as joy.  Sometimes when you seek the enthusiasm and joy of Zeal you may discover it as a sense of peace.  Zeal does not have to be boisterous!  

Zeal is like a wild thing that can be destructive unless you are guided to go into to that Secret Place, where Zeal is harnessed with Wisdom.  Once you have harnessed Zeal, it adds zest, energy, joy, and enthusiasm to the rest of your Powers.  Add Zeal to faith and feel the power in your “knowing”.  Add Zeal to Love and “Love is patient; love is kind; love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude.  It does not insist on its own way…  Love never ends.
(1 Corinthians 13:4 –8).  Add Zeal to Strength and “They who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles” Isaiah 40:31.  Zeal and Wisdom create genius!  Zeal is that charge of energy that transforms the gift of power.  Think what Zeal does with the Power of Life!  Consider all the energy coursing through you!  Zeal interacts with each of your Powers giving it the energy to do its work, giving you the energy to go forward.

We can cause exciting things to happen through out our whole being when we realize that each and every cell is made up of atoms and that God is within each and every one of our atoms charging it with energy.  You may have at one time of another tried talking to your body.  This time try saying, “attention cells and atoms!” This announcement is only an example of how Zeal can fire up our bodies.  This practice becomes an ongoing conversation.  The feeling that goes with it is one of praise and thanksgiving.  The “batteries” get charged.  The power of Zeal really kicks in and carries you forward.



I am charged with the energy and Zeal for life.
I sizzle with Zeal and enthusiasm and wisdom guides me in wonderful ways!
Zeal renews me in the this moment now and I have the energy to do everything that needs to be done by me,

Yea God!

This Ministry and all we do is solely supported by individuals like you, whom it serves, and by other freely given gifts of the Universe.   God Bless you for your Support!  Thank you!  You Are Amazing!






Practice Affirming:
I say yes, I Am Divine Will in Expression!
I am open and receptive to Divine Will, I am in the flow of life!
Divine Will opens my mind and heart I am goodness and wonder