Creating the Life You Desire, A Workshop with Shelly Wilsom


Conscious Creation

A Workshop presented by Shelly Wilson

March 3, 2024 from 1-3 pm


Whenever it seems like you are just existing, functioning on auto-pilot and going through the motions of life, we need to pause and go deeper.


 When we venture deeper into the “Flux,” we are empowered to connect with our True Self and the Source of All Wisdom. By allowing yourself the opportunity to fully embrace “your aliveness” as you navigate the waters of the human experience, it opens a portal to be Consciously Aware of this moment Now. Our thoughts and emotions have creative power to influence events and experiences, which means we have the ability to create the life of our conscious choosing. During this powerful interactive and experiential workshop, Shelly will invite you to begin life in a new way and tap into your Inner Power as you explore who you really are and who you would choose to be. Are you ready to begin creating more consciously?

This workshop will:

  • Aid in understanding the concept of conscious creation!
  • Offer an awareness of energy!
  • Assist with identifying and implementing changes!
  • Realize Your creative potential
  • Learn to be consciously creative

Workshop is presented on a Love Offering Basis!


Unity Spiritual Life Center

5603 NW 41st Street in Oklahoma City, OK 73122         &