Book Reviews: How Full is your Bucket? and What is a friend

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How Full is your Bucket?

By Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton


This is a quick and easy read that the authors describe as "positive strategies for work and life". It provides many suggestions to improve and strengthen all relationships, from personal/family life to work relationships.  The book includes ideas and wisdom to have more fulfilling work and to add greater meaning to life, all rooted in research. 


Written with a strong spiritual approach to daily living, it offers a variety of methods and exercises to build up our relationships through positive attitudes and deeds that serve others in ways that enrich their lives as well as our own. The authors provide a variety of activities that can extend our life span and improve our physical and mental wellbeing.


Included are exercises to undo the effects of negative emotional baggage, broaden our thinking, improve our performance in group situations, and break down racial barriers. 


A quick and easy read with activities that are easy to follow, I recommend this book as an easy means to make life more meaningful and fulfilling. 



Dana Martin

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



What is a Friend? By Etan Boritzer


This illustrated book describes various ways friendship can evolve and addresses many problems that can occur in childhood friendships. Simple ideas of how to handle situations like bullying or exclusion, dishonesty, or the bad behavior of friends are addressed in a straightforward and uncomplicated way, with just one or two sentences. 


The book discusses having friendships with others from different cultures, friends with disabilities, friends from other socioeconomic backgrounds as well as friendships with pets and imaginary playmates. 


These topics are handled in a casual and frank way, loosely in question-and-answer format, and would likely provide an opportunity for a child to discuss friendships with an adult if the reading was shared. Reading time likely 10-15 minutes for an adult.


I would recommend this as a gift for the child in your life. Find it on the bottom shelf of the Unity bookstore.


Namaste!  Dana Martin