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Radical Forgiveness  by  Colin Tipping


This is a self-help book designed to assist in moving away from the victim archetype by replacing it with something radically different.  This book provides methods to transform this energy pattern by first experiencing our victimhood completely and fully, then moving into the spiritual healing of our soul's desire. No shortcuts allow for this kind of transformation. 


Tipping reminds us that Jesus provided a powerful demonstration of how to transform from the victim archetype into radical forgiveness, however most of us failed to learn from Jesus' example because the victim archetype holds us firmly in the stuck place within our own psyches. Thus, we straddle the fence, attempting and stating forgiveness but still committed to being a victim. 


In this book, Tipping makes clear the difference between victim archetype forgiveness and radical forgiveness. Radical forgiveness actually shifts our perception and interpretation of what has, in the spiritual realm of things, happened to us. 


The self help work begins by assisting us in identifying our underlying assumptions about God, human nature, and spiritual principle. It further explores the idea that what we experience is not the whole picture, that there is a world of humanity AND a world of truth. Radical forgiveness is different from traditional forgiveness because it is rooted in metaphysical reality, the world of divine truth. While remaining fully grounded in the world of humanity, we also remain, through soul connection, connected to the world of divine truth. 


No book on the topic of forgiveness these days ignores personal accountability. Tipton's outline for forgiveness provides a method of accountability that is workable from a victim perspective. Tipton also provides an outline for developing the ego as a friend and helper, eventually becoming our loving guide. The loving ego provides us with opportunities that will allow us to fulfill our spiritual mission and lead us forward into awakening.


This book will require suspension of the normal way of thinking about the self and the relationship of the self with the world at large.  It requires being open and receptive to the possibility of a new reality before we are convinced it will work. We must be willing to be willing to try it! We must allow the creation of a bridge that will enable us to operate from the vibration of love while living temporarily in the space of separation and pain.  As we practice these techniques, we become more and more fourth dimension oriented. Eventually this can become our default way of life, stabilized and functional at a higher vibration.


If you cannot yet come to read the entire book, the first chapter (Jill's story) is powerfully healing and transformative.              Namaste, Dana Martin


Children's Book Review:

The Light and I

Author Lori Wilkerson


This short read aloud book is about a 10 minute read. The story is about a boy who has discovered a wonderful light that is with him always. It lights his way, helps him with problems, and protects him when he is bullied at school. The light guides everything he does and brings him comfort. One day, as the light is guiding him along, he finds some friends in trouble. Using the light, the boy helps his friends out of their situation, and the boy comes to realize these are the same bullies he had encountered previously. The light has shined on his friends as well.


This book as great illustrations and large print with simple words. You can find it on the bottom shelf of the Unity OKC bookstore.



Dana Martin