Byron Katie the Work and Completely Connected

Byron katie the Work and Completely Connected

Learn Before Directing the Lightning!

Wednesday Evening at 7 pm


Do you have something stirring in your heart, but can’t find the right thing to say? Do you find yourself in conversations with loved ones that quickly turn into yelling matches? Would you like to feel honored and heard?  In Unity we teach and talk about how the power of our words and emotions create our reality, and yet so often we are unaware of what we are thinking and feelings as we speak to others, which can lead to lightning streaking across the sky.  What can you do? NVC, Heartmath, The Work and “BE Peace!” As it says in the opening of the curriculum on Be Peace, “Before directing the lightning in the skies, we must first harness the storms within our own heart.”


In our discussions of The “I” of the Storm we have come to the conclusion we need to develop a better way to communicate with others so we stop throwing lightning bolts at one another.  This new refined way of communicating will blend together the teachings sighted above, so not only will we be empowered to listen to and understand others, but we will be able to harness the storms within our own hearts. The curriculum will use the book Completely Connected

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