Understanding – The Realization of Right Relationship In All of Life

Understanding – The Realization of Right Relationship In All of Life

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Location is the Souls of the Feet

The Way Understanding Works, Author Unknown


We start the development of our Power of Understanding when we are first born.  We are filled with wonder with the desire to explorer and to discover.  We use our five senses.  If we stop at realizing our world only through our senses, we miss the really rich and exciting aspects of spiritual understanding.  True understanding comes when we go within and seek guidance.  It is then that our intuition and recognition of inspirations develops.  This is what causes us to leap forward with new ideas to develop whole new lines of thinking.


The Power of Understanding is one of my favorite tools.  It is a real problem solver.  I have gone to bed at night thinking, “Dear God, I really don’t know how to translate this idea into something the children can take, use and practice.”  Then as I center myself a feeling of great excitement comes over me knowing there will be an answer in the morning.  That’s called faith. Often using the gift of faith is a process and part of me will return to doubt and say. “Quiet down, nothing may happen and then boy, will you have your work cut out for you!”  My faith-filled part of well respond, “Hush now, I hear you, but this is the time for you to be quiet and let God work.”  In the morning I awake and there are not trumpets, no cymbals, no fireworks and not even one, but I know, I understand exactly what to do next.  Maybe that is the greatest part – knowing what to do next.  Talk about feelings of joy and thanksgiving!


Trying to solve our problems all at once is overwhelming, but God helps us one step at a time with revealing that one little piece that is next. Jacob’s ladder is very graphic demonstration of the power of understanding.  You can climb a ladder only one step at a time, and each step takes you a little closer to heaven – the place where we are “in harmony with the thoughts of God.

We work on the Power of Understanding by using our five senses.  There always comes a time when we want to know more.  That is the time for us to ask to seek to knock.  Have you noticed how sometimes you do not even know what the question is?  But the bottom line is if we do not seek and ask and trying different things nothing will happen.  The key to our understanding is prayer, just as Jacob paused during his travel and went to God.  God always knows the answer even when we do not know what we are seeking!


Enlightenment is when we exclaim, “Oh I see!”  We are always seeking enlightenment in one way or another.  What we do not always grasp is that God has already turned on the light bulb.  Enlightenment, which is “Understanding” in action, has happened, and we are just standing around saying. “What, Where?”  What we eventually learn is that when God speaks through our intuition, it usually isn’t a shout, it is just a pointing of the way.


Surely you have heard someone say that God has a sense of humor.  Seeing how we are a part of God’s creation, each time we express humor we must be expressing God.  In the same sense, I suspect that God has a sense of fun and disguises intuition or inspiration.  Often intuition or inspiration comes to us as a song or a billboard or a dream a TV commercial or as a traffic or street sing. How many times have read the Bible or the Daily Word and it said just what you needed to hear at that moment?  The key to getting the sing is to say centered in God.  Then we recognize it; know it is meant for us; and we exclaim, “ OH I see.


Affirm these statements every morning!!!

I Am the Way of Understanding.

I am aware of the movements of the universe and

I see clearly to the Heart of every matter!

I am the Way, The Truth and the Light!


Notes From A Skylark, by Skylar Cronley

Speaking of Stars


Someone, I believe it was Emerson, once said: “Hitch your wagon to a star.” The difficulty in this for most people comes in trying to decide which star. The Star of Bethlehem is always a good one to start with – then you won’t have to hitch and unhitch so many times.


Who Do You Think You Are?


Many people have asked this question of one another a great many times and received many varied answers. If you want a real “Stumper” answer to this question the next time someone asks it of you, you could say, “I am a son of God” – Of course, there is only one catch to that, and that is that you have to live and act like one to prove it.

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