I Am In the Flow of Life Minister's Letter for July 2024

I Am In the Flow of Life

Minister's Letter for July 2024butter


I am in the Flow of Life, connected to Creative Source and with my Spiritual Faculty of Understanding engaged. It guides me in all I do! Perhaps the most overlooked passage in the Bible, is right there at the beginning, in Genesis 1! It is a theme repeated over and over again throughout the Bible. “In the beginning when Elohim created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep. As the winds of the Creative Energy swept over the face of the waters, Elohim said, “Let there be light”!


Metaphorically in any endeavor we set out upon, there are always swirling winds of chaos, controversy, indecision and lack of insight and clarity about what is supposed to be done. For the human mind and the intellectually trained ego, this is quite confusing and unsettling and often leads to conflict, or simply laying the project aside. However, what this opening paragraph is actually saying is “Elohim, creative energy of all the universe, please let there be light, give me (Us) understanding as to what I am to do!” Then as we pause within the moment, the Light (Understanding) is separated from the Darkness (the Lack of understanding), and we are given insight into what we are to do next. Yes, there are times when we must rest within the Dome of Creation and Understanding, grounding ourselves into Mother Earth and the Creative Expanse, which will reveal a larger picture of the many creative ideas (fish, birds and other Living creatures) we are exposed to each and every day. But what really is ours to do!


The Spiritual Faculty of Understanding, the 12 Power Theme for July, and this article (believe it or not), is perhaps one of the most difficult 12 Power Themes to comprehend! Why? Because! The first reason is that the English word “understanding” has many different meanings, and is often used in our culture to mean “Compassion” or “I feel your hurt and pain!” Another way it is used is to mean “I get it,” or I have the knowledge you are trying to provide me.  While the Spiritual Faculty of Understanding might include that information, it is actually way beyond those definitions.  Spiritual Understanding is about how all the pieces of a puzzle are fitting together and what steps you must take to achieve any spiritual task and the order you must take them in. 


I am sure you have heard the statement “Being the Way” of Spirit.  Spirit seeks to guide us in this way through the Faculty of Spiritual Understanding, which I believe according to scripture is located in your feet.  However, Charles Fillmore and others believed it was located in the forehead, next to the faculty of will, which is one reason they are always getting confused about which is to do what!


What I have learned to do when I feel the swirling winds of creativity flow around me, is to go out and stand in the grass and ground myself into Mother Earth, connecting myself with the Living Energy flowing all around me.  You see, this morning I had a whirlwind of activity going on in my mind. The grass really needed to be cut; I forgot to order ink for the printer/coper to run the monthly newsletter that is being printed now; and I had a number of other items that needed to be addressed yesterday. Oh, what should I do as long as my mind was jumping back and forth between all the stuff (the swirling winds sweeping across the void.) Nothing could get done! So, I paused as I was cutting the grass this morning, took off my shoes and just stood there, and said, “I am in the Flow of Life, connected to Creative Source, so guide me dear lord in what I should do, and give me insight into how all the pieces of this puzzle are fitting together.”  When the electric battery ran out on the lawn mower, I checked the status of the printer, went home took a shower (was only 95 degrees,) checked the to do list, bought printer ink (the store actually had in stock), and now I am almost done with the Newsletter. It is all in the flow when you allow the spiritual faculty of Understanding to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and guide the way.

Namaste, I see Love’s Presence in You, RevDoc Patrick