What is Unity?

What is Unity?

Unity is a philosophy of life that emphasizes a positive approach to Christianity and daily living and is based on the principles of Truth taught and exemplified by Jesus the Christ.  Unity’s philosophy is shared by millions of people around the World.  We welcome all people regardless of religious background and serve their spiritual needs through prayer, education, publishing and being of loving service.  Unity is a way of life that leads to health, prosperity, happiness, and peace of mind.

Unity is a trans-denominational movement.  In other words, we believe that there are similar inner or spiritual symbolism in the religion, literature and mythology of all cultures.  When you look at the similarities of religions and spiritual paths from around the world, you realize we all have at the core, similar beliefs and truths.  However, we have labeled them with different terminology and chosen different ways to express our understanding.  Consequently, it is easy to come away with a different interpretation of the same Truth.  We choose to look for and to see the similarities, the good, and the Truth in all expressions of worship. No church is thought to be "the wrong way" and no church, including Unity, is "the only right way". We trust the Spirit of Truth indwelling in everyone to lead each person to the path that serves them best in learning about their individual relationships with God, the one creative force in the Universe.

Unity’s Beginnings:

The seeds of Unity were planted in 1886 with the application of Spiritual Truth by Myrtle Fillmore (Co-Founder of Unity) which resulted in Myrtle’s healing of tuberculosis.  Myrtle had been told her life was near its ending.  With three young children she refused to accept the judgment of the doctors and began a search for her life.  While attending a lecture of Dr. E.B. Weeks, a student of Emma Curtis Hopkins at the Metaphysical in Chicago, Myrtle heard a phrase that she knew to be the Truth. It was a phrase which resonated with her soul.  She came out of the hall that evening repeating to herself, "I am a child of God and therefore I do not inherit sickness." She was struck by the realization of her spiritual identity. Myrtle went home and threw away all her medicines.  She began to look at herself differently and in the months to follow she was totally healed.  People that Myrtle knew noticed what had occurred to her and they began to ask for advice and prayer support.  The "word" spread.  Within a few years Myrtle formed the Society of Silent Help (Silent Unity) as a means to support people with their prayers. 

In the early days of Unity Charles and Myrtle Fillmore did not foresee the establishment of another religious discipline.  Instead, they saw their efforts as means to support others in their own spiritual beliefs and spiritual evolution.  However, others seemed to be drawn together through the "Law of Attraction" (Like attracts like) and people of like mind began to create study groups, centers, and churches to share information and support one another in learning, fellowship, and worship.  Many of us have learned that it is much easier to implement changes in our thinking and into our daily lives when we are being supported by others traveling the same path.  Unity has grown as result of prayer, healing, and the "Law of Attraction."

Unity Today

Today the Unity movement is composed of three segments: 1) Unity School of Christianity in Unity Village MO.; 2) The Association of Unity Churches, in Lee's Summit MO.; and 3) the members churches and study groups.  Each operates independently and autonomously.  Go to www.unity.org to find out more.

Is Unity a "cult"?

No!  Unity is a way of life; it is a way of thinking, believing, and being.  It is a philosophy shared by millions of people world wide who are welcome to worship, study, and prayer with us and leave when they choose.  Among the many followers and associates to Unity's philosophy of life you may find some familiar names: TV personalities Oprah Winfrey, Della Reese (Touched by an Angel), and Marianne Williamson (Former Spiritual Leader of Unity's Church of Today); authors Deepak Copra, Wayne Dwyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. John Gray, Dr. Larry Dorcey; and motivational Speakers Anthony Robbins and Brian Spiro; and Former NBA Coach Phil Jackson. 

Each individual is encouraged to use their mind, to think for themselves, and make their own decisions for their lives.  In fact Unity teaches only what we believe to be spiritual, Truth principles so that we may all have more rewarding, fulfilling and satisfying lives.  We teach no doctrine or specific rules.  Unity is different.  We offer an alternative way of thinking and being to the struggle and strife that most find in their daily life.  We offer alternative choices to all lives situations.

What is Metaphysics?

Metaphysics simply means beyond the physical. It applies to the things beyond our physical manifested reality. It applies to the spiritual nature of creation as God created it to be. However, it is a term used very broadly to describe many different things which may or may not be spiritual in nature. 

In Unity we use the term "metaphysics" to refer to the fact that there is an underlying Truth or reality beyond what we perceive with the physical senses.  Therefore metaphysics is the study of our spiritual reality; it is the study of our relationship with God.  All religions are based on the belief that there is some invisible force (God) at work in the Universe and our World and therefore are metaphysical in nature.