Town Hall Envisioning Meeting

September’s Town Hall Envisioning Meeting



Once again our annual TownHall Envisioning meeting was an intriguing adventure.  We pause in the moment of creative meditation and allow the vision that comes to us to just flow forth; images of what might be, with no explanation or definite interpretation.  In this time of envisioning we don’t try to figure out what might be, but once shared the imagines and visions can and will provide a template of what could be, and we allow the vision to grow from there.  With that shared here are the ideas, the dreams the imagines of what could be.


The Following were the images shared, let them stirring your soul!


A Green valley with flowers

Unity church on a hill shaped like a Starbucks

Coffee shop in our little house

Swirling flowers to all the houses in the neighborhood, inside and out

Choir of singing angels

Children’s theatrical program for area children

Life 101 for elementary school kids

Woman up a mountain holding spear and cross

Man painting the way

Light, sun, moon, iceberg, lamp, halo

Jesus followers, women who take the energy up the mountain to the top with the spear and cross

Spear =  understanding that we need to release everything

we use as a weapon

Awareness of our attitude, focus on the heart so the vision comes clear

Awareness of the void, allowing the creative energy to bubble up and

 set it free

Be OK with being in the void, don’t limit the energy

Allow creative essence to bubble up and set it free

Meaning of last names

Feminine energy as creative energy

Power to choose from the sea of infinite possibilities

Present moment awareness and ability to choose

Appreciation for all the kitchen staff today (Susan, Rick, Petra)

Volunteer recruitment as we develop spiritual gifts




Will You join Us In A Time of Prayer?

Visioning A World Filled

with Peace and Love and Goodness! October 31st @12:45





Two-Faced  -- A Schuyler Cronley Thought


Concerning the Kingdom law of riches, Jesus says in Matthew 6:24, “No man can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” Mythology tells us of a Roman god called Janus, after which the first month of our year is named. He was two-faced, one on each side of his head. He was the god of gates and doors. Man today has many two-faced gods. As long as man sees good and evil, sickness and health, limitation and prosperity, he holds to a two-faced god. The Unity student who worships the One True God is one-visioned, one-faced only. “If thine eye be single…”