Brain Washing and Balancing the Budget by Schuyler

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  February 27th at 12:45 pm


Notes From a Skylark by Schuyler Cronley

Brain Washing

We hear a great deal these days about the communistic process of “Brain Washing”. It is not a new process, for man has, for ages, used force to cause others to believed what the user of force would have them believe. In fact, Christian people are “Brain Washed” materialists who have come to believe in Jesus Christ through the Almighty Power and Force of Truth. The difference is that Jesus Christ does it by love, a slower process. We are all being “Brain Washed” daily by the beliefs of our families, the newspaper, the false appearances of our world, but once again the difference is in what we are brain washed with – truth or falsehood.


Balancing The Budget


A “Budget” is a form and a method of allocating one’s income so as to meet anticipated expenses and contingencies. To be short in any one of the specified divisions means an unbalanced budget. A great many less unbalanced budgets would occur if an additional item – “My Tithe” – were added to it. Not all budget items happen to be expense. Tithing is an investment.