The Spiritual Power for this mont is Love, It Is A Cosmic Power

Love Is A Cosmic Power

Disciple: John

Location: Beyond the heart

Color: Pink

All you need is love.heart

                   John Lennon


What can I say about love that you haven't heard before? It is the greatest feeling in the world. Yet, it is so much more than an emotion. It is a state of being. It doesn't rely on feelings to exist. Nor does it limit itself to whim and fancy. It reaches beyond the moment into the eternal and brings it full circle. You cannot walk a mile without love and yet, it never pushes its way into your life.


What most of us consider to be love is purely emotion. We choose to love someone, or something. Love isn't about choice. It just is. It reaches up, grabs you by the lapels and plants a kiss full on your mouth. Yet, it is not bold, nor ostentatious. It is the most delicate of truths you will ever experience.

What is love? It is an assurance of acceptance and worth that doesn't rely on your merit. It exists whether you do anything about it or not. Yet, when you act in love you invite its magnetic force to draw to you all that is good. Love draws more loving thoughts and feelings your way.  We have many examples of what love is in 1 Corinthians 13. It is patient and kind. It never seeks it's own way. There is so much more to this truth that our mortal minds can fathom.


In my own life, once I began to practice forgiveness and seek the love in others, blessings began to flow. It was like a switch was thrown and everything fell into place. It wasn't that I didn't love the person with whom I needed to forgive, it's just that I had not allowed God's love to flow through me.


Once you remove the lack and limitation from your mind, love can conquer all.

As a child I met and married my wife. I was fifteen when we met. We dated for nearly three years before marriage, the first time. Despite being familiar with her, I did not know her at all. It took twenty years of separation and life's challenges, like becoming a father, to prepare me for the woman that she was. Thankfully, she consistently loved me throughout that time. So that now, nearly four years later, we remain married and more in love than ever before.

It isn't an emotion that guides us, but the assurance of knowing we represent a truth to one another that no one else can duplicate. That truth is what guides us. It prepares our hearts and minds for the daily activity of living. Had it been feelings alone, I am sure she would have given up on me a long time ago. Because she saw in me the man I would become, she endured all those years of pain and uncertainty. Because she loves me, all things are possible.


That is the essence of divine love. It doesn't rely on how you feel. It keeps no record of wrongs. It believes all things. It hopes all things. It endures all things. So open your heart center and know that truth of the Divine as it flows through your life. Love conquers all. Not because it feeds on conquest, but because everything eventually submits to the unwavering power of love.

                                   By Bryan Carlile


Affirmations For the Faculty of Love

I am a radiant Expression of God’s Love Flowing into the World

Love Abides in me, and I am Glowing!

I am a magnet of Love and all the Goodness my heart desires!

I am the way of Love!


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