The Quest, Sunday Mornings at 9:30

The Quest
Sunday Mornings at 9:30
     rabbit hole  In every human heart there exist the hope of connecting with “something more,” to truly understand and be with our true purpose of taking on these body suits. Tucked Away deep within us, a part of us seeks to know, yearns to be connected with the Source of Life of all life, the Life Force beating with in our hearts.

      The Quest will open a way for that deeper connection. It will present ideas, eternal truths in a very personal heart -felt and soul opening way. Whether you are just beginning your own individual quest or simply have a desire to take the next step into being. You will want to be a part of the conversation we are about to have, a conversation based on a Unity book by the same name The Quest! We also blend in ideas from the metaphysical understanding of the Book of Revelation.  Yes Spirit is knocking at the door of your inner knowing, at the door of your soul. So please join us. Sunday Morning at 9:30