Power of the month is Wisdom - Spiritual Discernment

Power of the month is

Wisdom - Spiritual Discernment


Color – Yellow;  Location-Solar Plexus

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.

                                               Henry David Thoreau



Wisdom comes from Spirit. It is the true voice of God. When we listen to  the still small voice of Spirit, we listen to the wisdom of God. It is our own inner sense of being that is in tune with the Divine. It is our higher sense of being connecting with the great “I Am.”


This June will celebrate my six-year heart anniversary of my transplant. I thank God every day for the blessing of a new heart. I am stronger and more vital than before the surgery. It took the consideration of the donor to put themselves up for donation. I thank the knowledge and skill of the surgeons who spent seven hours replacing my old heart with the donor.


When we rely on the inner wisdom of Spirit, we are in touch the heartbeat of God. The Divine guides us and leads us to the place we’re meant to be. We are not alone here. We walk by faith, not by sight. Every step is measured. When we align ourselves with the wisdom of the Sacred Energy of life, we have jumped into the flow of the Universe, everything works the way it is meant to be.


We are partners with the Divine. That still small voice of Spirit is our intuition talking. When we listen and spiritually discern it, tuning into our higher self, with the Divine inside of us it’s like magic. By constantly listening to this intuitive wisdom and acting on what we hear, we become a lightning rod for divine inspiration. Through divine wisdom we hear the voice of God. When you doubt, fear not, you are created in the image of God. Through this connection you manifest “The Kingdom of God” on earth. You are mighty. You are great. You are the manifestation of the wisdom of God.  

                                  By Bryan Carlile


Affirmations For the Faculty of Spiritual Discernment.

As I pause in this moment now, I am connected with the source of wisdom.

Spiritual Discernment is active in me, I see to the heart of every matter.

Centered in Christ Awareness I am wise and empowered.

I Am Wisdom, I am aware and alert to the promptings of the Divine.


One Thought –

                                    A Note From a Skylark


Just one thought away

From the limits of Mortal Mind

Lies the Land of Holy Promise

God’s Gift to all mankind


Just one thought farther

On past the finite vision

Within the realm of infiniteness

Man finds his true commission


Just one thought more before

The perfect work is done;

A loving perfect thought,

My God and I are one.

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