Power of the month is the Imagination

The Power of Imagination

The Scissors of the Mind

Disciple – Bartholomew (Nathaniel)

Color – Light Blue

Location – Between the eyes in front of the Pituitary gland

Mountain Mover No.1, by  Charles M. Roth                                                                      



As we tread our individual paths through life we are sometimes diverted into side-roads where we feel lost and confused.   We seek the advice of others, or we sit and “stew”, mentally sketching images of failure and defeat.   “If only I knew,” we cry.  “If only” is the hallmark of the confused, bewildered human mind.


In Truth we are training ourselves to step out of the “if only” consciousness, and into the security of the Christ Light.


You may seem to be in a tunnel of darkness, unable to see your next step.  But every tunnel has an end and if you look with your heart you shall “see” that Light which signifies hope and victory.  It may be only a pin-point of light at first; but it will grow as you keep your vision centered on the Christ within you.  Say the following prayer statement to yourself until you get the “feel” of it and then speak it aloud—quietly, but with conviction and faith:


I Turn to the Christ Within

For Inspiration and Guidance


.  .  .  I am a spiritual being, one with the Mind of God in which resides all wisdom.  Just as a lost and bewildered child turns to his parent for guidance when faced with a new and baffling experience; so I turn eagerly and trustingly to the Father within.


Through the Christ in me, the Father’s Image-likeness, I receive new confidence, new understanding and new strength.  Inspiration floods my mind and

I know what to do.





Affirmations for directing your Imagination

The Power of Imagination is active in me in this moment now!

I Am connected with the Creative Source and I am empowered to direct that creative potential to experience wondrous things.

You are Amazing – Go Ahead and say it

I am amazing – I am a powerful Creative spiritual being, and I direct my imagination only on the goodness my heart desires.


Notes From A Skylark, by Skylar Cronley

Speaking of Stars


Someone, I believe it was Emerson, once said: “Hitch your wagon to a star.” The difficulty in this for most people comes in trying to decide which star. The Star of Bethlehem is always a good one to start with – then you won’t have to hitch and unhitch so many times.


Who Do You Think You Are?


Many people have asked this question of one another a great many times and received many varied answers. If you want a real “Stumper” answer to this question the next time someone asks it of you, you could say, “I am a son of God” – Of course, there is only one catch to that, and that is that you have to live and act like one to prove it.

This Ministry and all we do is solely supported by individuals like you, whom it serves, and by other freely given gifts of the Universe.   God Bless you for your Support!  Thank you! You Are Amazing