The Power of the Month is Imagination

The Power of the month is Imagination

The Scissors of the Mind
Disciple – Bartholomew (Nathaniel)
Color – Light Blue
Location – Between the eyes in front of the Pituitary gland

When you start to develop your powers of empathy and imagination, the whole world opens up to you.
        Susan Sarandon


God works remarkably in the silence. The still, small voice of Spirit works in the in-between spaces of the mind. When we meditate we stir the pot of our innate power. This power emanates from on high through us the offspring of God. We are created in the image and likeness of the Divine.

Recently, I mentioned talking from the heart. Part of that speech is tapping into the flow of the Universe. Patrick relates it to the “Force” from Star Wars. I’ve recently discovered that we all live in the flow. Either we are buoyant and float where it goes, or we become a stone as the flow passes us by. Either way, we are shaped by its current. As difficult as it seems to go with the flow, it is the simplest decision of your life. Just let go, and let God.

You are a strong, powerful being. You have the strength of the Almighty guiding your every step. Part of having free will is the power to choose. You can choose the power and flow of the Universe, or you can choose to enable the Ego mind to interject itself.

The power of your mind to control your thoughts, enables you dominion over the invisible ethers where you create your world. It is in the stillness that God speaks. Taking a moment to calm your mind and weigh your thoughts, ensures you the power to create.

Everything going on in the world is monkey chatter. Only the flow of the Universe matters. By stilling your thoughts, you complete a circuit between yourself and the Divine. This power flows through you into the world. Remember, you are a child of God. You are destined for great and mighty things. It all comes down to releasing yourself into the flow of the Universe. Allowing Spirit to flow through you enables divine power to originate in the depth of your being. Go forth and conquer, you are mighty and a spark of the Divine.                                                                  By Bryan Carlile


Affirmations for directing the power of Imagination
The Power of Imagination is active in me in this moment now, I am awake and aware of the wonder!

I Am connected with the Creative Source and I am empowered to direct that creative potential to experience wondrous things.  

You are Amazing – Go Ahead and say it!
I am amazing – I am a powerful Creative spiritual being, and I direct my imagination only on the goodness
my heart desires.