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A Must See Amazing Movie PK  --

Two Sunday’s In February

 Look for this fascinating adventure

Part 1 - Sunday February 19th  at 1:15


Part 2 - Sunday February 26th at 1:15 ​​


From a galaxy far, far way, a friendly alien lands on earth, with a mission to research the planet and its inhabitants, to see if they can create trade negotiations. However, he loses a precious possession, of his communicator and cannot report back to his home. The alien who ends up in a very bewildering state and cannot speak our language seeks to recover his communicator. Slowly he learns to speak and shares with people the best he can his plight but everyone tells him only one person can help with his impossible task -- God. As his mission moves forward, he researches places of worship, prayers, and rituals of every kind and he bends before every religious tradition and follows their faith with very intriguing results.  When watching the movie through metaphysical eyes, it explains the confusion and tension that exist between various religious, how we might step beyond them by being the way of love. The Movie was filmed in India, has song and dance and lots of laughter.  Due to the length of the movie (3 hour), it will be shown in two parts.