Easter Celebration Walk with the One Who Walked with the One

Easter Celebration Service

Walk with the One Who Walked with the One  

Sunday, March 30th at 11 am  


lkdhiAllow your imagination to travel back in time, as you walk on a star-lit night into the beauty of the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus contemplated his path, aligning himself with the Sacred Breath to prepare for the journey ahead and his ultimate resurrection. Join us for an Uplifting Soul moving service!


Painting Easter Eggs and an Easter Egg Hunt???

Wow Easter Sunday March 30th at 12:30


We decided to stretch our artist skills eveeasn a little further this year, by taking a few moments to paint and color easter eggs, do you want to let your inner child out? well join us.  And before our inner artist comes out, we are going to have an easter egg hunt!

 Bring your kids and have fun