An Opportunity To Be Love in Expression

An Opportunity
     To Be Love in Expression


In Unity we believe being involved in Sacred Service is a pathway to experiencing Spirit’s Presence. We believe being of Sacred Service is essential to one’s spiritual growth.  Getting involved creates an opening for us to realize our Oneness with others in our community.

We invite you to look at the opportunities listed in The Love in Action Brochure as a way to step boldly onto your spiritual path and to integrate Spirit’s prompting into your life.  Being involved in Sacred Services is not just a way of supporting the ministry, but a way of creating heaven on earth, here and now.

With all that said there is an opportunity for you to experience heaven on earth, with an event over the past year a few people have to stay home, which is providing on opportunity to experience the wonder of the universe.   What do you say we could definitely use your help!

In a short time, our volunteer Sunday chefs, Roger and Jessica, will be leaving for a new adventure in Costa Rica.  We do appreciate all they have done for our Sunday Fellowship Hour. A couple of individuals have offered to be of service 2 of the 4 Sunday. We encourage you to be brave enough to be of sacred service one Sunday a month during this wonderful time.  We don’t necessarily need individuals to cook the food, but rather just put it on the serving table just before the fellowship hour begins.    If you are one a brave soul, please speak with Barbara.  

We are also looking for someone who loves plants.  Perhaps you have noticed we have a few plants on our grounds, both inside and out.  Our plants love to be watered.  This takes little time each week. Again, talk to Barbara if you are willing to water the Sanctuary plants.  

And perhaps you have noticed that The Bookstore is often missing an important ingredient: a volunteer. This time commitment to be of sacred service in this amazing spot is about 15 minutes one Sunday.  This is a really neat opportunity especially if you like books.  

We also have an opportunity One Sunday a month to take the used kitchen towels home to launder, fold, and return by the next Sunday.  This requires staying at church having fun until the dishes are done so you can get all the towels. .

There are always opportunities for someone to dry dishes after our fellowship hour, it is so much fun.  You can just go into the kitchen and ask for a towel to dry dishes.  If you see something else you would like to do let Barbara know! We do it all together, like Brother Lawrence when he washed dishes in the kitchen, being in Spirit.