The Mysteries of John

The Mysteries of John

Wednesday Night at 7 pm

Rabbit hole

The writings of John are very intriguing; in fact, they hold some very powerful keys to unlock insight into the realm of Infinite Possibilities, which lie beyond the sight of our physical eyes.  The Mysteries of John are distinctive and when you have the key, they can be life transforming. Mysterious ideas are catching, and this may be the best reason for jumping into an in-depth study of the spirit-arousing Fourth Gospel. As Charles Fillmore wrote, “We are all heavenly charged with ideas, and when these ideas are released, they spring forth and pass from mind to mind, being "recorded" as they fly, and when they are expressed, the whole race is lifted up--if the idea is charged with the uplifting Spirit;”  The Gospel According to John is so charged.


Interestingly, the Gospel of John, the only Gnostic Gospel, has long been used as the foundation for many traditional Christian doctrines.  Was the creation of such doctrines the intended purpose of this thought-provoking and inspiring piece of literature?  Charles Fillmore didn’t think so, and neither do I.  Join me as we explore some of the most intriguing spiritual teachings of all times, which may be beyond anything you might have imagined. Jesus as a Mystic and a Gnostic may be a very hard concept to fathom for some, but it’s true, and it’s all right there in the Bible.  But “you have to have the ears to hear,” and be willing to hear these words anew. 


Class based on Charles Fillmore’s book, the Mysteries of John, which is available in bookstore

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