Minister's Letter -Mushroom's and Spiritual Discernment

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! I went out into my backyard just to look at the flowers popping up, something I haven’t done for a while! There were Daffodils, Hyacinths, Flux, and some great big mushrooms! I love mushrooms, but these mushrooms were three and four inches in width, oh my. I began to think of how I was going to sauté them.  Lots of butter and garlic and maybe, just maybe I should grill them with some pineapple soy sauce.  Oh, how wonderful.  But then in the middle of all those wonderful tastes flowing through my mind, Spiritual Discernment kicked in and said, “Never eat wild mushrooms!” Ho hum. Guess I’ll go to Sam’s!” Sometimes the spiritual powers of imagination and zeal just kick in and we have all these wonderful delightful ideas just flow through our mind, which may or may not be so good for us. Sometimes, we need to pause take a deep breath in and engage the power of Spiritual Discernment, and ask is this for my (our) highest and best good, and what might be the best way to achieve this vision of delights and wonder running through my mind. Hum!

One of the topics, that Unity Spiritual Life Center’s Board of Trustees has been having is about the leaks appearing in the ceiling tiles around our building. My first thought is that there is a leak in the roof and we need to fix it. But then I remember to engage the power of Spiritual Discernment, and It tells me, “Yes, But NO!” and I reply, “But What Do You Mean?”  And it says, “Go up!” Well, most of the time when I hear this it means go up in consciousness, up to higher level of awareness, and that is kind of sort what It (Divine Mind) meant this time, but what it really meant this time is go up on the roof and take a look! Go up above the ceiling tiles and see if there any apparent leaks in the roof!

Following the promptings of Spiritual Discernment, I did and I took a few pictures of the roof that might explain it better.  I also took my tape measure to see how the leaks relate to questionable places on the roof. We brought the building in 1994 and no major work has been done on it since, only minor repairs here and there.  Those who around at that time, said no roof work had been done on it for at least 5 years prior! And we have the same Heating and Air Units, but due to exceptional repair work by KT Wellman Heating and Air they continue to work with wonder.

Now, with that said, there are three apparent problems. The first is the age of the roof and the Heat and Air Units. The normal life space of both of these items is 20 years! We have a flat roof covered with white rock and with a little work here and then, it has kept in working condition although there are some apparent places it is very worn. The second is with the age of the Heat and Air Units it is getting more and more difficult to find parts, and our amazing Heat & Air people are thinking of retiring! The final problem is that due to the flat roof and its structure, there exists about two feet of space between the ceiling tiles with insulation laying on top and the metal roof. So, when the temperature drops below 28 degrees outside, the 28 degrees temperature is inside the building, between the roof and the insulation. When we are running the heat through the air vents which are in that two-foot crawl space moisture forms along the very hot vents. Then moisture drips onto the ceiling tiles below.

So now looking at that mushroom, oh yea, I mean the opportunity that lies before us, we definitely need to replace the roof and heating air units, but we also have to look for a way to resolve the issue created by the unseen dynamics between the ceiling tiles and the roof.  Please engage the power of spiritual discern, and helps find the best way in resolving this opportunity. Also hold the vision that all the resources we need to complete these projects will come forth with Goodness and wonder as we dance in the abundance of the universe.

Namaste, I see the light of the Divine in You,