Minister's Letter for May-- The Creative Expression

Minister's Letter for May-- The Creative Expression butt

As I began to contemplate what I might type this morning, I went outside to feed Rascal, my feral cat. I noticed the Texas Primrose blooming all across the garden in my front. How beautiful and stunning they are? Then I noticed the other flowers mixed in with them. Mother Nature is so highly creative as she encourages the parade of flowers each spring.  This creative expression is occurring despite the very strange weather pattern that has developed, and the multitude of weeds it has brought with it. Although some people might argue some of those weeds are very beautiful as well. 


When I walked back into my home office, I noticed my computer with the 32 extended screen all lite up, my other computer, the printer, and the live streaming equipment.  Looking up I marveled at the pictures on my wall from around the world and the picture of Yoda saying, “There is no try, there is only do or do not…” I am, We Are, highly creative spiritual beings and we can create anything we want! But, we have to learn to focus on those things our heart wants and allow Mother Nature to express Itself through us into the world around us.


Perhaps the hardest spiritual concept to fully grasp is the Law of Mind Action and its corollary principle the Power of Attraction.  Simply put we create our reality through the power of our thoughts and spoken words. Yes, you might have guessed this is the Power of the month, the Power of your spoken words, whose energy center is located in your vocal cords.   With each word we speak we create a vibration that flows out into the invisible ethers which shapes and form the ethers in accordance with this vibration.  Soon whatever we are “thinking” will begin to show up.


Where is this Invisible Ethers?  It is all around you and flowing through you.  It is what some might call the atmosphere and quantum field; it is the Living Energy, “that we live move and have our being immersed within (Acts 17:28).”  This field of energy is comprised of molecules and atoms, which are comprised of electrons, protons and neutrons, which are effected by the vibrations of thoughts and words; and yes, lots of other things effect it as well, like your TV and radio and…


Now this spiritual principle called the Law of Mind Action would be really great if it were as simple as so simplistically stated above; but, it’s not! Yes, if it were that simple, I could learn my Denials and Affirmation and then say to those weeds in my gardens, “Be Gone, I am growing beautiful wonderful Peonies and Irises everywhere.” Then those weeds would be gone and I would only have beautiful flowers.  Yes, developing an awareness of Denials and affirmation and the Prayer Process is extremely important in communicating with the Invisible Ethers, we call God! But it is only the first step in reclaiming and learning to direct our personal creative power to create a reality of our choosing.


A key to understanding and utilizing the Law of Mind is that use of Denials and affirmation in the Prayer Process, is it is really about aligning yourself with God. As I often say, the word “Spirit,” in Latin, Greek and Aramaic means breath! And it refers to the breath of life Jehovah breathed into Adam on that first day, and is breathing into you in this moment now. So, for me prayer is about learning to align myself with the breath of life flowing through me. So as I slow down my thinking, I can alignment myself with this breath of life flowing through me. I can feel this Living Energy tingling in every fiber and every cell of my being. As this Living Energy flows through me it creates a vibration that flows out into the world. A second thing this Prayer Process does is to empowers us to be aware of what we are actually thinking and listening to, which mostly comes from the Ego Driven World.  When I become aware of what I am actually thinking, it allows me to focus my thinking on what I would to experience and not on the weeds; there by focusing my spoken words and creative energy on the wonder and healing renewing power of this field of Living Energy.

Namaste, I see the light in You,