Minister's Letter -- An Intriguing Time.

Hello my friends, the past two weeks have been very intriguing for me, especially since we are transitioning from a month focusing on Spiritualized Strength and into one that is all about Spiritual Discernment. Due to the event’s going on in the world, I feel so overwhelmed and frustrated because I do not know how to reach beyond the very loud voices of fear and doubt, (even people I believe should know better), to share Unity’s very powerful teachings which could easily transform the world, if we could somehow get our message out there. Teaching about being the way of love, of peace, of abundance, and of a healing renewing Life Force that flows through and all around us in each moment! This Life Force permeates every cell of our being, we walk move and have our being immersed within Its Presence. All we have to do is attune our awareness to It, so It would dissolve our every mortal limitation, and awaken us to Its Healing Renewing Life!

If only we could learn to pause, letting go of the appearance of a “thing” and feel that Life Force flowing through us and allowed it to guide us, to the information that is right before our spiritual “I.” As I was contemplating this idea and the events going on in the world, I felt this tension, so I stood up and looked out the window and there was a beautiful red cardinal eating the feral cat’s food under my glass picnic table! I wanted to take its picture but my window is so dirty! Then I looked up and there it was the first rainbow I have seen in a long time, so bold and beautiful, a sign that all is well.  God works in mysterious ways. If we would pause and allow It to share Its wisdom with us!

So, each morning and throughout the day, what I am learning to do is to center myself in awareness of the Breath of the Divine Flowing through me. Then intentionally engage the power of Spiritualized Strength.  When I feel that strength bubbling up, I engage the faculties of Spiritual Discernment, Love and faith, seeing all these center swirling with the Living Energy of the Divine. As I move into this Dome of Creativity, I say “Dear Lord, what is mine to do, guide me.” Then I let go of all that ego monkey mind chatter we call intelligence, and allow the Divine One’s prompting guide me.

If you go to our website ( podcast under the Sunday Lessons tab, where we have all of our podcasts) or our Facebook Page (Unity Spiritual Life Center of Oklahoma City under the post link) you will find a guided visualization of my process.

The reason, I am mentioning these two sites, is due to the mounting fear and hysteria going on in the world, and many peoples' reaction, we will be sharing our next two Sunday Services through Facebook Live, and hopefully one day soon on YouTube. I believe I got the kinks worked out. I will also be trying to share a morning prayer each day on Facebook Live. Our full Sunday Service will be returning to our Sanctuary on Easter Morning April 12th.   

We will have the sanctuary open for anyone who would like to come to church and feel connected with the community, which might be due to the isolation syndrome that many people are feeling. The Church is armed with plastic gloves and sanitizer and everyone will be following the hygiene and distance rules. We will not be providing a potluck, but if anyone would like to bring food or brown bag it, or call for Pizza delivery that would be ok. One of the biggest cravings we have is to feel connected and feel our oneness with each, and we will be striving to meet every one needs at the level of their comfortability. Remember you are each and every one important to us, we are surrounding you in light and love and immersed in the Healing Life of the Divine. Remember to feel and look for the loving energy waves we are sending your way.

Namaste, I See the Light in You! Rev. Doc. Patrick