Life Radiant Life

Life Radiant Life, we live in one of the most amazing times in history; our world is thriving, glowing and filled with all kinds of mystical wonder!  Yeah, I did just say that and I do believe it!  Just pause for a moment and think of all the technology we have and use: TV and computers, which allow us to connect with people around the world and have access to all kinds of crazy knowledge; cars and planes that allow us to travel wherever; we have homes with heat and air conditioning; and we have food to meet our wildest dreams; and there are 8 billion people (or however many) living on this planet!  Amazing, yes, we do have distribution problems and equality challenges, and educational and communication short comings, but all and in all we live in an incredible time! But we do need to pause, step outside our house and our egos box, take a deep breath in and breathe in the Sacred Breath of life! Stepping beyond our mortal minds beliefs and connect with the wonder of the Divine One’s Living Energy to experience True Life.  

In December, Unity has a unique paradox, the twelfth and final Spiritual Power, we are to focus on is Life, Yes Life! Unity places this power in the root chakra, where as I place it just above the crown chakra. In Healing Touch this is the point our Hara Line starts and the Living Energy flows down to connect and ignite each of our other chakras.  When we consciously do this, we can connect with the Life Force flowing through us! Yes, we can consciously connect the Life flowing through and all around us. This can be a very incredible experience. Believe it or not this is actually the real meaning, the metaphysical meaning of the Christmas Story, that the Christ Child (an awakening awareness in us) is born in the cradle of heart (in the place of rising substance, Bethlehem).

Wait a minute, what did I say? Yes, I did say this was a unique paradox! In Unity’s teaching on the Twelve Powers, each chakra (Power/Faculty) is associated with a disciple who represents the development of the unique attributes and talents related with the chakra.  Well, that is up until Divine Order, then it gets a little blurred, but in December when ever do we talk about Judas, who represents the Spiritual Faculty of Life! Truth be told, Judas was the most trusted of the Disciples, he was the coordinator, the one who made all the rearrangements, paid all the bills and took all the notes!  Yes, Judas was the most trusted of all the disciples, he did whatever Jesus asked him to do! What!  No Judas didn’t betray Jesus after the Last Supper, he did exactly what Jesus had asked him to do, meet him in the Garden with the Roman Soldiers.   Then when Judas realized the huge error, he had made in arranging Jesus’s arrest, he killed himself.  Judas thought Jesus was going to use another unique power to free himself and their work would be complete! Just a little different viewpoint.

Yes, Judas represents the twelfth and final Spiritual Power, the development of the Spiritual Faculty of Life! Yes, the unique paradox is that in order to experience True Life and the Spiritual Awareness that goes with it, we have to give up all of our mortal mind’s beliefs about this physical reality, we have to let it all go, so we can awaken to Heaven’s Presence and the Christ Awareness within us.  Yes, we have to stop listening to the crazy stuff on TV, Facebook and all the conspiracy theories! Then step outside into the grass and ground ourself in Mother Earth so you can feel the Substance, the Living Energy, the Force of all Life bubbling up within and all around then adjust our Inner Eye to see the wonder of life.  You might remember throughout the Gospels, Jesus expressing his frustration with some of his listeners that didn’t hear or believe what he was saying was right before their eyes! Yes, in order to experience True Life, we have to let go of all our mortal mind’s beliefs about the physical reality, so we can see through our Inner Eye, and give birth to the Christ Child within us.  Yes, that is the real Christmas Story, will you join me in the journey to experience the wonder of Heaven’s Presence right here, right now.  

Namaste I see Light in you. Rev. Doc. Patrick