A Conversation About A Course

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A Conversation on a Course

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A Conversation on a Course

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Over the years I have often been asked why I don’t teach A Course In Miracles, and my simple response has been because I don’t. I am a Unity Minister, and I love Unity’s teachings and philosophy which have helped to transform my life.  When I began my adventure in Unity, almost 40 years ago, I dedicated myself to learning and sharing Unity’s Way of Being.  Like Unity’s current CEO, I believe we need to stay tuned to our beginnings and share our insights based on Unity’s Spiritual Legends, like the Fillmore’s, Elizabeth Sands Turner, Ernest Wilson, Eric Butterworth and more. ACIM is not a Unity teaching.  But that question about ACIM has recently increased for some reason. I decided it might be a good time to have conversations on ACIM. It will not be an ongoing class forever, but we will discuss, key concepts and terms and how ACIM came about.  ACIM shares insights into one of Unity’s Cornerstone teachings, but uses different terminology than


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