Discover the Power Within YOU

Sunday Mornings at 9:30 Discover the Power Within You There is a story told of a young boy, Aladdin, who found a Magic Lamp in a dark cave. When he rubbed the Magic Lamp, a powerful genie appeared ready to fulfill his every wish. Do you remember reading or hearing this story? After hearing this story, did you wish that you had a Genie that would grant your dreams? THE TRUTH IS YOU DO!!! It is that creative power of your mind which is unleashed through your spoken word. The book Discover the Power Within You by Eric Butterworth can show the way to tap into that genie within you. Discover the Power has provided millions of people the opportunity to understand that they can create a world of their own choosing. Oprah Winfrey called Discover the Power the most illuminating, and influential book she has ever read. Discover the Power Within You is a cornerstone of Unity teachings and provides a foundation for understanding the ways Unity sees and interprets the teachings of Jesus. It challenges some of Christianity’s most basic beliefs, shares a very different perspective of the man called Jesus and will move you to rethink the course of your life and your relationship with God. This is a required class in Unity’s Spiritual Education
November 28th, 2021 9:30 AM through 10:35 AM
5603 NW 41st Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73122
United States
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