Christian Healing, And Regeneration

Christian Healing, And Recatch the lightgeneration

Sunday Mornings at 9:30
Christian Healing the first book written by Charles Fillmore.  It shared his foundational understanding of our relationship with God as spiritual beings.  In these classes you will also discover the foundations of the Unity Movement and the beginnings of Charles’s revelation of The Twelve Powers of Man, which would be revealed in more detail much later.  The Christian Healing was not simply lectures given by Charles Fillmore as many of his texts were, but rather detailed lessons. His thoughts on “Regeneration” were his beliefs that we could heal and restore our bodies through prayer and the power of mind action and as we learned to live in alignment with the Source of all for eternity.  Although this unique Fillmore teaching has fallen out of the main stream of Unity teachings, it will definitely open your awareness to new and deeper insights of the realm of Spirit and open the way to physical healing and the possibilities found in regeneration.

 Come and explore the insights of Charles Fillmore the Co-founder of the Unity Movement.   Text for the class is Fillmore’s book Christian Healing. Available in the Unity bookstore.
Presented on a Love-Offering Basis.