The Sparkling Light of Christ, Minister's Letter for December 2023


The Sparkling Light of Christ is flowing out into the world all around us!  As I stood gazing into the light of the candle I was holding at the end of the Candle Lighting Service on Christmas Eve, I saw a vision of a new world evolving.  A vision of a new awareness bubbling up in humanity, and spreading from one soul to another to another, as we learned how to greet one another in Oneness, in that Divine connection that exists within each and every one of us.  I also felt a deep stirring in my soul that something amazing and wonderful was going to be occurring in 2024.  The sparkling light of Christ would be bubbling up within us, and the discord and the chaos we have been seeing and experiencing would be no more. 


As I have thought about this vision I experienced at the Candle Lighting Service, I could not help but think of the 3 Force Theory my mentor Sallye Taylor used to teach.  The First Force is an idea, or insight, that will bubble up in humankind and will begin to spread through the ethers, tugging at the hearts of many.  Some people will begin to take action on this insight and spread the word.  As this idea spreads across the world, it will become unsettling to some people, people that believe they are in places and positions of power and control. This is the Second Force.  These people don’t want to lose their perceived power and control, nor do they want to lose their perception of the world and the way they believe the world must be. So, these people will seek to squash this new idea of what might be! Like the idea of a world co-created in love, harmony and abundance for all! A world where we all experience the wonders of Spirit and see It’s Presence in everyone and in all things. Sallye would then say to overcome this Second Force, we must delve deeper into Spirit’s Presence to call forth the strength, wisdom and love that exists within us, so that we rise up into an awareness of Third Force. Third Force will shift the ideal of that First Force and provide tools that will empower us to overcome the resistance and the obstacles Second Force Created.  As the energy of Third Force moves through those who are open to It, a ripple will occur in the ethers as the Sparkling Light of Christ guides the way.   


The 3 Force Theory has actually been a theme through out history, as humankind has evolved from one level of consciousness to the next.  Some of those who inspired this “Evolution of Consciousness,” left “footprints” for us to travel in and also inspired higher ideals that were never quite reached, but inspired actions of those who came behind them.  Individuals who inspired this Evolution of Consciousness were individuals like Jesus, Siddhartha, Mohamed, Rumi and many more.  These individuals not only left spiritual teachings and ideals to live by, but shared a vision of where humankind could evolve to, if we could rise above Second Force which seeks only to dominate and control.


12 years ago, due to the Mayan Calendar and the alignment of planets across of our galaxy, a teaching was shared out of their ancient past.  The teaching said, when this once in every 26,000-year event occurred, there would be a huge shift in humankind. One where we would all begin to live in awareness of the Spiritual Dimension.  First Force began to arise, and there was a movement towards this ideal of living in awareness of the Spiritual Dimension (heaven)! However, after some time (a year or two), this idea was squashed by Second Force as whoo whoo, crazy stuff and the world and many people went back to living in the ways of Mortal Mind and being controlled by this physical reality. 


I believe what I envisioned as I looked into the flame of that Candle is that it is time for Third Force to arise once again and guide us into living in awareness of the Spiritual Dimension, allowing The Sparkling Light of Christ to guide the way.  I have a deep stirring in my heart that some amazing things are going to happen in 2024; things that will lift the heart and soul!  


Namaste, I see the light in You RevDoc Patricklet 2