Please, God give me understanding!

The weather here in Oklahoma has been a little strange, to say With all the crazy things going obutterf;oesn in the world, have you ever said, “Please, God give me understanding!  Spiritual Understanding is the theme and the spiritual power of the month! Understanding the Spiritual Power of Understanding may bring much peace into your life and help you to experience the wonders of the Field of Infinite Possibilities that surrounds you.  Now before I move on, I need to share with you an understanding of the English language that is really confusing and really confuses the way the word “understanding” is understood.  In the English language a word can have many different meanings, like the word duck.  Does duck mean an animal on a lake, or the ventilation network in your house, or to bend over so you don’t get hit by something? Well, a way the word “understanding” is typically used in our culture means to “have compassion for” to “internally feel someone’s words and feelings,” to sympathize with.  Another way the word understanding is used means to comprehend, to recognize, to know, to realize. As a result of the different meanings of the word “understanding”, the Spiritual Power of Understanding is often miss understood.

What if you had a deep understanding of the God particle we call oxygen, and were aware of how it fills your lungs and then gives life to every part of your body.  What if you had a deep understanding of how that God particle, called oxygen, connected with another God particle called hydrogen to form water to give life to all living things.  What if you had a full understanding of how the God Energy we call Life, flowed through the neural net of our bodies to electrify our cells and to stimulate our muscles into action.  What if we knew how that God Energy flows in our blood and our neural nets to dissolve the stagnations and restrictions we have placed there with our “stinking thinking” and then renewed and healed us from the inside out? Spiritual Understanding is not about compassion and comprehending how someone feels, although that’s nice, it is about understanding, realizing, how all the pieces of a puzzle fit together or how a network might work in the most efficient way that is for our highest good.

One of my favorite things to do is go out in my bare feet and stand in the lush grass of my front yard.  It’s a grounding ritual I have, that not only feels really good, but opens my Spiritual Power of Understanding, (the soft points of my feet). I visualize my Hara Line going all the way down to the center of Mother Earth, to the heart Mother Earth, and feel the warmth of her molten core. I then sense and feel Mother Earth’s rotation.  As Master Yoda said, “My ally is the Force, and a powerful ally It is.  Life Breathes It, makes it grow.  You must feel the Force around you, flowing through you, and me, the trees, the rocks and everywhere; the relationship between the land and the ship.”

The Spiritual Power of Understanding is about developing a deeper awareness of how “The Force,” the Divine Energy of Life flows through all things and connects all things together in the Divine Webb of life.   Do you remember when God told Moses and Jacob to take off their sandals (to take off that restricts their awareness) for the place they stand is Holy Ground. Wherever we are, is Holy Ground, but we have to let go of whatever is restricting our awareness. Yes, the first step in experience the Power of Spiritual Understanding is to let go of what restricts our spiritual awareness! Sometimes it is things in our personal life, both present and present.  Other times it is letting go of all the monkey mind chatter and crazy things we see, and hear about, going on in the world.  We have to let go of all that and ground our selves in Mother Earth, so we can connect with Father Sky and feel the Force flowing all around us.  Then we will be able to see and experience the spiritual web, the Divine Matrix, and see how web of life has brought us, to this moment of transformation. Yes, life is a puzzle! But we have to engage the Power of Spiritual Understanding so we can know how all the Pieces of that Puzzle called our life might fit together.
I see the light you.

Namaste, I see the Light In You


carnation, Alaska