Our Thoughts are Prayers, Minister's Letter for May 2024

Our Thoughts are Prayers,

Minister's Letter for May 2024butter


 "Our Thoughts are prayers, and we are always praying!

Our Thoughts are prayers, be conscious of what you saying!

Seek a higher Consciousness, a state of peacefulness.

And know that God is always there!

And every thought becomes a prayer.”


This is one of my favorite songs, and it runs through my head very often! It was the opening song of Unity in Chicago’s Sunday Service for many years.  That’s when I began attended Unity in 1986, and that song kind of just stuck in my head and I couldn’t get it out! Especially when I would leave the service, and began to listen to what other people were saying! Then I would turn on the TV News, listening to the reporters telling their stories, and then have to listen to those commercials! Oh My! Each telling their story of all the bad things that were happening and what was going to happen due to… and then it would all happen over and over again! “Our Thoughts are Prayers and we are always praying!” And then I did a very terrible thing! I started to listen to what I was thinking and saying and remembering all the crazy things I said and others said when I had managed restaurants and bars! And the many things I was told and said as I was growing up!” Oh my gosh! NOT THAT is that why all those crazy things happen!


Yes, our thoughts are prayers, and we are always praying!  Shortly after I started attended Unity in Chicago, I learned another terrible thing, which has become Unity’s third core spiritual principle; The Law of Mind Action! The Law of mind action states “Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.... We are the creator of our life's experience through the thoughts we hold and the words we speak. We are what, and become what, we think!” Unfortunately, this teaching became the basis of a movie called The Secret, and many prosperity programs, which really helped people! However, many of those who took those programs didn’t really hear, or want to hear, the core idea underlying this principle! After becoming aware of “what this principle is saying” and listening to this song, I looked around at how crazy my life was and I said to myself, “I got to stop my stinking thinking and dedicate myself to living in awareness of my mind action.”


As someone who has now studied the various fields of psychology for more than 50 years, the energy dynamics of Healing Touch for a little over 20, and Unity’s Teachings on the 12 Powers for 30, I have realized this 3rd Spiritual Principle has far more reaching effects than just creating a happy prosperity consciousness.   Now be aware the Spiritual Faculty we will be focused on in May is “Power,” which is actually the power of the Spoken Word.  Through the power of Power with each word we speak and each thought we think, we send a vibration out into the invisible ethers to shape and form the ethers in accordance with those words and thoughts.  Yes, WE shape and form the invisible ethers, which includes our energy bodies, with our words and our thoughts. Now consider the thoughts you might think, without fully realizing you have allowed them to flow through your mind: someone you are mad at, something in the news, a hurtful childhood memory! Consider how your ego mind directs your words and thoughts, in conversations you are having with people around you as you are sharing your current life’s stories, describing your woes and challenges. Hum! Our thoughts are prayers and we are always praying, have you ever considered what you might unconsciously be praying for.  When I realized I was praying for more challenges and woes, “I Stopped!”


Or perhaps you should do as Jesus said, “The time is now, the kingdom of goodness and wonder is within your grasp, repent (turn your thinking around) and look for the good news (Gospel) and the wonder that is all around you (Mark 1:15)! Stop and smell the roses, and the iris, and the peonies and the… Yes take charge of what you are saying and thinking! 

Namaste, I see Love’s Presence in You, RevDoc Patrick