Minister's Letter for July The Light of Understanding



The Light of Understanding 

“In the beginning when God Created the Heaven’s and Earth, a wind swept across the face of void and God said Let there Be Light!” Even God, when confronted with a challenging situation, asked for understanding! Understanding is always there, we just have to ask for it, calling it forth from the Realm of Infinite Possibilities. This very curious verse opening the Book of Genesis is actually the first step in the Creative Process. 

In Unity, we believe it is about our creative process, you do know we were created in the image and likeness of God! And one of those images and likeness is our innate creative ability, but to truly realize this idea it has to be seen through the Light of Understanding. Now as I am using the word “understanding,” it is not about compassion or our feelings or our beliefs or knowledge as this word is often used today.  As I use it here, I am talking about the faculty of Spiritual Understanding, which empowers us to look beyond all those physical and mental appearances to see how the pieces of that puzzling situation lying before us might come together. Yes, the universe, the spiritual dimension, is like a huge puzzle with different pieces floating in the ethers!  And we need to connect with this Field of Infinite Possibilities to know how the pieces are coming together.

The Ancient mystical teacher of Gnosticism Socrates, believed within every interaction there are different polarities! These polarities pull us in different direction! It is not about the story meaning this or that, but about pausing in this moment now and placing “the story” in the Light of Understanding! Then consider how these different polarities are pulling you in different direction and how it makes you feel, asking God- the Life Force of all the universe what it is trying to tell you.  Understanding the polarities and the feelings they create within you is the true point of learning and will help you to give birth to the wisdom and insights to unseen pieces of the puzzle lying dormant within you.

A deeper realization of this process is often brought about by a plea to God for help. Yes! Asking God for help, just as that opening chapter of Genesis silently implies; asking the Infinite One for the light of understanding to pour down upon us, how are the pieces of this puzzle fitting together. For this to truly happen something in us has changed that helps us to realize this very mind-boggling awakening! All true creative, all healing, all inspiration starts out from a point of chaos or turmoil, a place in which we feel a sense of void or emptiness.  In these times of darkness and despair we often cry out to God for help, and the light of understanding just pours out upon us; but, we feel it and know it only if we are open to hearing it.  In those moments of inspiration, we can catch a view of our higher self, our connecting link with the Living Field! Or Perhaps I should say we get our true self out of web of entanglements that the ego mind has created, and we see ourselves clearly, perhaps for the very first time.

Have you ever been seeking a solution to a problem, trying to feed your hungry soul, so you take a time a part and enter your habitation of peace and all you find is chaos and the monkey mind chatter of the external dualistic oriented physical world going on.  You just want all the chaos and turmoil gone! So, you enter in the inner room of your soul, your internal temple, and once again all you monkey mind and doubt and turmoil? When you are in that place, see yourself immersed in the Light of Understanding. Let go of all your sin, all that self-inflicted nonsense that is holding you in bondage. Let it go and see the light of the Divine, the Light of Christ pouring down upon you and flowing through every cell of your being. Seeing the Light of Christ opening each of your Charkas, then connecting and opening your faculty of spiritual understanding!


Namaste, I See the Light In You RevDoc Patrick