Minister's Letter Has Mother Nature Gone Crazy

As I sit with my home office window open, listening to the torrential down pour of rain and raging water rushing down the storm drain on the other side of my fence, I think, “Wow, has Mother Nature going crazy!” The weather here in Oklahoma has been a little strange, to say the least: winds blowing continually 30, 40 sometimes 50 mph; then two weeks of mid 90-degree temps, then dropping into the 60’s! With the torrential rains the last two days, you might think we were living in Florida.  

Has Mother Nature gone crazy, or is it just the collective human imagination unleashed? Just a thought I had, as I was thinking about what to write on the Spiritual Faculty of Imagination!  You see our spiritual faculty of imagination is perhaps the most powerful of our 12 spiritual gifts, and it is probably the least recognized! For example, who is the disciple said to represent the power of imagination is it Bartholomew, or is it, Nathaniel? Both were very well-known disciples, and you can probably tell me everything they did! Not! Metaphysically, the characters and symbols of the Bible that represent the Spiritual Power of Imagination are present but normally lead to chaos and things out of control, unless they are acknowledged and directed by faith, spiritual discernment and love. In the Revelation According to John, it is the second church addressed, because we need to learn to consciously direct its power.  Our attention is called to the dangers of deceptions of ideas and energy placed in concepts shared by the mortal mind, that may be shared simply to fool others and guide them down the path of darkness. Catherine Ponder writes in The Healing Secret of the Ages, “Your imagination is the among your most creative mind powers. You are always creating through your imaging faculty. But, by deliberately directing your imagination onto what you want, you can transform your health as well as every phase of your life. Again and again, your imaging power will gladly lead you into better living, once you invoke it.”

The key to this spiritual faculty is that you have to consciously invoke and direct its power.  As Charles Fillmore wrote in Dynamic for Living, “The Imagination is the formative power of mind, through our imagination we reach into the invisible ethers and shape and form mental images in the substance of the universe through the power of our thought.”  We are always creating through this imaging faculty whether we are conscious of it or not. The Revelation According to John, tries to warn us about what the unconscious mortal mind will do when lead by those riders of the 4 horses.  Some of the imagery shared in those stories of the 4 horses is being brought to life now.  Have we (humankind) allowed our unconscious directions of those forces to go out and shape and form the invisible ethers in accordance with what many had been taught would occur? The Those Left Behind series has sold more books than any other book series ever published! Is humankind’s unconscious faculty of imagination responsible for all the craziness going on in the world?


Well, I say it’s time we stop it and reclaim the power of imagination and begin to consciously direct our imagination on the things and wonders we would like to experience.  Consciously directing our thoughts, words and imagination on perfect wonderous health flowing through our body, on love filled relationships, on money and income coming forth to provide for everything good we can imagine, like great food and amazing conversation during fellowship and a perfectly working roof and Heating and Air Units!


You Got to Claim It, to be It! I am radiantly alive, glowing with energy life and wonder.  So, claim and begin imagining every good thing your heart desires!  What is it that gets joy and gratitude to come bubbling up! Well focus on it!

I see the light you. Namaste, RevDocPatrick