Minister's Letter -- Being The Way of LOve


Being the Way of Love is the Theme for February, as it always is! As I mentioned in my book Being the Way, being the way of love was the focus of Jesus ministry. In the Gospel of John, at the Last Supper he says, “I give you a New Commandment that you love one another as I have loved you. By this everyone will know you are my disciple, if you have Love for one another.” As I think about these words, I realize most of those who say they are his followers have never heard these words, or don’t understand what he meant.


As we enter the month of February, the month of LOVE, I invite you to consider what these words might really mean to you, “A New Commandment, that we love one another!” Especially since in the other gospel, Jesus shares that “Love” is the most important of all commandments and without it, none of the commandments have any meaning! This is a commandment that our western cultural has definitely missed. As a result we live in chaos and confusion.


So how did Jesus “love” his disciples? The first thing to realize is the Aramaic word “love,” which Jesus used meant “Oneness with,” “a deeper sense of connection.” With this idea of love in mind, whenever Jesus was with his disciples and others, he always used uplifting and inspiring words; he sought to reach others at the level of the heart.  His words of healing looked past whatever error or perceived wrong someone might have done, and invited them to release their hurt, pain and misconception. So they might feel the “Living Waters” washing over their being and could feel the Life Force healing and renewing the cells of their mind and body.  When trying to explain a concept they might not understand or might have a different concept of, Jesus didn’t call them a miserable sinner or any other bad names, he would share a “Metaphor” so they might take the idea of this “One Presence” being all around them and in everything into contemplation! So they might slowly and intuitively move into awareness of their Oneness with this Life Force. Think of Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus! 


Jesus also invited his disciples to take various roles in the ministry. This way they could learn what it meant to be of Sacred Service allowing the Life Force to flow through them so they could feel It's Presence. When you contemplate this idea, then read various stories, you might see the disciples taking on different roles to give expression to the teachings Jesus was sharing. This would allow them to feel the Life Force opening their hearts. Helping them to be aware of the Divine Breath of Life flowing through them in this moment now. Think of the story that occurred on the Day of the Pentecost after Jesus Crucifixion!


So, how might you go about Being the Way of Love? Consider how the disciples took on various roles in Jesus Ministry then learned about and felt the Divine Breath of Life flowing them! Then think about a role in USLC’s ministry, that you might have the skills to do or have a prompting of the heart to do simply to allow the Divine Spirit to flow through you.  We have many opportunities at USLC to learn how the Divine Presence flows and stirs in every cell of our being, like Brother Lawrence washing dishes in that monastery in France.  Perhaps the greatest opportunity to feel the Sacred Breath of Life Flowing through you would be to become a Prayer Chaplain.  In the Prayer Chaplain Training you would learn about Unity’s unique and powerful prayer process and how to pray with others, opening your heart to the Divine Presence and feeling It’s Presence and Healing Life flowing out to others. Perhaps you may have read about USLC Prayer Chaplains’ experiences of opening to Spirits Presence in the Prayer Chaplain Corner. If you have an inkling to open your heart to this calling, please speak to me or Rene Holubec. Another opportunity where we have a great need, is being a willing soul to work with “our children” in Children’s Church. Yes they will be coming hold the vision, we just need a couple volunteers willing to work with them. 

Namaste, I see the Divine Light in you. RevDoc Patrick